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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sharkbytes' Scavenger Hunt - Clue #14

To understand how this scavenger hunt works, go to Sharkbytes' Scavenger Hunt - Start Here.

Today's clue is: "extend your pinky finger while lifting this"

As a reminder, you need to go to the blog post linked below, read the post and look for a word that answers the clue. It will be "hidden." In other words it won't say "this is the word for the scavenger hunt.

Today's blog post to explore is North Country Trail News: NCT Memorabilia- Part 1

Good luck!

See Sharkbytes' Scavenger Hunt - Start Here for complete rules, and prize list.


Lin said...

Criminy! How many more clues are there?? I think you lost me on Clue # 347! :)

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