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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Loving the Mountains (and the Moon)

Marie lives practically at the base of the Catskill Mountains. These surround the Ashokan Reservoir. I may have a chance to get more pictures tomorrow.

This is High Point Mountain, at just over 3000 feet.

High Point Mountain, Catskills

Just to its north is a series of peaks, left to right: Hanover, Balsam Cap, Friday, Cornell, and Wittenberg Mountains. The highest is Cornell Mountain at 3800 feet. I know lovers of the west look on these peaks with disdain, but I love them.

Cornell Mountain, Catskills

On an even smaller scale, the rocks by the grocery store parking lot are lovely covered in snow yesterday.


Today I was able to get a long shot to show how that tilted bed of stone lies right beside the road. More on how I reached this vantage point in a minute.

tilted rocks

We ended the day with the just-past-full Super Snow Moon. Really bright. It's supposed to be the brightest full moon of 2019 because the moon is the closest to the Earth.

Super Snow Moon February 2019

Most of the day was spent with another friend, Selma. We were planning to celebrate her 90th birthday with a lunch. Well, we did that, but we also took her to the eye doctor as she was having a fairly serious emergency. The office was on the 3rd floor, so there were some great views of the same peaks that can be seen from the Reservoir. Tomorrow, we are taking her to her regular specialist in New Jersey, because her eye needs immediate attention.

I was able to do some writing, and am REALLY close to finishing Chapter 12, "The Adventures of Alice in Central New York." I'm going to try to get that done before I fall asleep. See you tomorrow, probably with adventures from a New Jersey jaunt, but mostly seen from a car.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Lower Enfield Glen

These pictures are from several days ago while I was still in Ithaca. Today was calm and great, but not a huge picture-taking day, so I'll share more of these.

Lower Enfield Falls is the largest falls on the creek (not the tallest, but we couldn't get there in winter). You can see the Lower Falls in the distance.

Lower Enfield Falls

Here's Elaine, with the falls in the background.

Lower Enfield Falls

I just liked the contrast of the falling water with the layers of snow-covered rock.

Lower Enfield Falls

Here's a view of the top of the cliff wall to the right of the falls.

Lower Enfield Falls

Snowy branches looking sculpture-ish.

snow covered branches

And for some reason, I think the red guard rail with icicles against the free-flowing water is appealing.

Lower Enfield Falls

I got back to writing today. Managed about 1000 words on Chapter 12. Marie and I walked at the mall, got some groceries, did a puzzle, chilled. Nice day. I needed some calm.

You may see more ice and water pictures another day.

See Upper Enfield Glen
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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Into the Catskills

I've moved again, this time to Marie's house where I will be for the rest of my time here.

This meant a drive south through the Catskill Mountains. Pictures taken from the car, on the fly. Not the best quality, but you can get the idea.

catskill mountains

I love the way the big houses are shoehorned into the hills. Look ahead of the car.

houses in catskill mountains

The Delaware River was parallel to us for most of the driving route.

Delaware River

Hoping to get back on some sort of modified schedule tomorrow. We'll see.

See Sunset in the Catskills
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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Upper Enfield Glen

I'm taking you back to a few days ago with some pictures of Upper Enfield Glen in New York. The trails to the most spectacular of the waterfalls is closed for the winter, but this falls is visible from the parking area. They consider it so ho-hum, it doesn't even have a name.

waterfall at Upper Enfield Glen

I liked how the snow and moss and ferns were clinging to the rock walls.

snow and rocks at Upper Enfield Glen

This also unnamed falls is on a tributary, Fish Kill Creek. That funny "hood" is an ice cover that formed when the temps were so low and then partially washed away leaving a bridge.

waterfall at Upper Enfield Glen

There was a hamlet here, formed around a mill. When I was a kid, the mill wheel was still in place. It's now been removed but most of the gears are still there and visible.

mill gears at Upper Enfield Glen

And this mill stone is a study in shapes and tones.

mill stone at Upper Enfield Glen

Let's not talk about today's author event. See you tomorrow. I'll be on the move again. Back with Marie.

See Elaine and Carcassonne
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Friday, February 15, 2019

Elaine and Carcassonne

My time with Elaine has ended, but we had a lot of fun.


We discovered a new-to-us game called Carcassonne (named for a medieval town).


It's a world-building game with cities, roads, farms, and cloister.


We liked it a lot and already added some house rules to make it even more interesting.


I'm now on my way back toward another vendor event.

See Schoolmates
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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Schoolmate, Stoneflies, Scalp, Score

Another busy day here. All good.

We went to visit Elaine's cousin Linda. This is another schoolmate I hadn't seen for about 50 years. It all seems fairly amazing to me. We all went to the same church as well.


We went for a short walk by the Susquehanna River, and discovered there were hundreds of adult stoneflies running around on the snow. They come out of the water to find a mate and only live a couple of weeks. Don't think I knew all this. Had to get help with the ID. I think this is the first I've seen adults. This is probably Paracapnia angulata

adult stonefly

After a nice visit, we went out to eat. On the way home, we had to stop and take a picture of this hill. Looks like a guy with really thin hair. Or maybe a Mohawk haircut that needs to be trimmed up on the sides.

winter hillside

After Elaine and I got back to her place we split a set of Upwords, and then she carried on an old, old tradition by beating the socks off me at Carroms. I don't think I've EVER won this game against her.

playing Carroms

Ever. (And Carroms are actually made in Ludington, so it's pretty funny that it's really Elaine's game.)

See Aurora Free Library
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Aurora Free Library and Reconnecting

We had a lot of adventures today, but I'll show you pictures of the evening program, and later the neat places Elaine and I went during the day.

So, this program would not have happened if it hadn't been for Sharon, a friend from a long time ago. We were several grades apart in school, so really weren't friends there. However we went to the same church and connected more through youth group. Anyway, when I was trying to line up programs in New York, she told me she spent her career at the Aurora Free Library, and thought she could get me a program. She did!

It was great to see her again. We also have one more connection. If you remember the story about my mother's birthday, at Passing On a Birthday, the little girl in that story is Sharon's niece.

It's also appropriate that a picture of us would be surrounded by books.


The library building is full of character!

Aurora Free Library

The librarian said, "We thought we'd do your program up in the Opera House."

"Wow!" So up we went.


She wasn't kidding. There's a beautiful little auditorium on the second floor.

Aurora Opera House

With a really interesting proscenium arch.

Aurora Opera House

I guess I make funny faces when I talk, but that's OK, because I hope some of the stories I tell are funny.

Aurora Opera House

And, at the end, I sold books. Hooray!

selling books

A pretty long day, all in all, but a good one.

See Next Stop Ithaca
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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Next Stop, Ithaca

I've made it to Ithaca, NY. The driving was messy, but I just lowed down and it was fine. The real problem is that the program that was scheduled for this evening was cancelled first thing this morning, because schools were cancelled.

So, I'm now with Elaine, which is great! We went out to eat.

eating at restaurant

We got fortune cookies. You can draw any kind of conclusions you like. So far the Dove candy wrappers have a better track record.

fortune cookie fortunes

Since we didn't have to go anywhere, we are watching the History Channel and playing Upwords.

playing Upwords

We had to picture the words in the middle of the game! Hiker and tent are foreshadowing of who would ultimately win (tee hee).

Upwords board

The score was tied. Then I got a great score and went ahead, but didn't have anywhere to play my last letter. But Elaine took her turn, and made it possible for me to play my last letter, so she had to lose 5 points. I won this round! Here's the final board.

Upwords board

Sure hoping for the program tomorrow to be a go. I need to stop losing money! I'm having a great time, but this trip needs to NOT be a financial bust.

See No Treadmill at Treadwell
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