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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Birthday at Work

Our supervisor at the paper has decided we are having a party a month, and in October it was Patty's birthday. The paper actually has a budget for some bit of employee entertainment, so we get some decorations, and we all chip in on the food.

Clear a work table and set up the feast.

Patty's Birthday

The birthday girl has a broken thumb... not too handy, but she managed to put her burrito together just fine.

Patty's Birthday

And the seating... really high class. Just pull up a pallet or ten.

Patty's Birthday

Patty cut the cake, which we all managed to sample even if we were already stuffed. And yes, we made her wear the party hat all morning.

Patty's Birthday

I have to say this sure helps the morale. Can't beat a party on a rainy day for quality!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Silver Lake- A New Perspective

Today was a wonderful surprise gift. It was supposed to be raining, the end of our nice weather. Instead we had another blue sky, mild day. I was out doing assignments.

One of the best parts of this job is that I often get to enter private communities which gives me the chance to see views from perspectives usually denied to the public. Often this involves bodies of water because people like their private lakeshore homes.

This time I got to see the south end of Silver Lake, the one with the really big and bare sand dunes. These views work you around the end of the lake. This one just said "north" to me.

Silver Lake

The very end where the shoreline turns is marshy. Pretty typical of small lakes.

Silver Lake

Working north again on the far side, there was still late fall color to enjoy. I like the rusts and golds as well as the earlier, brighter colors.

Silver Lake

And finally, the long view, showing you how far down the lake those bare dunes are. They are the dominant feature of the public areas. Here, not so much. Just about a mile from the Silver Lake shore, up over the dunes and down the back side, is Lake Michigan. One small creek drains from the end pictured here out into the big lake.

Silver Lake

And, just because I was at a location on Lake Michigan again today, it was in a mood for changes. Waves moving in. A cold wind off the water that made me put on my coat. Sand fence already installed to slow the drifting. Today was also the last day of the sailing season for the S.S.Badger. The Great Lakes are known for bad November storms that take ships down. They always stop running the ferry at the end of October.

Silver Lake

That next season is on its way!

See Silver Lake
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ag Report 3- Fruit

Fruit is the biggest agricultural industry in this area. I took more pictures, but can't find them all right now. That's ok, a few things is enough.

The first picture is taken in August. It's a peach orchard. Although we produce mostly cherries and apples there are a fair number of peach and apricot orchards too.

peach tree

One picture I can't find shows a cherry orchard "put to bed." Basically the rows were mowed, and the trees were wrapped (because they were still very young) to protect them from rodent damage over the winter.

Now, and for the last month, it's apple season. Things are winding down because we've had a couple of hard frosts, but there are some varieties that are still being brought in. It's been a good apple year.

apple tree

Apples are picked by hand. That's why the trees are pruned to keep them low and open. This also allows the sun to reach the interior.

apple harvest

Speaking of apple harvest. I finally went out today and brought in some of our scaly but usable apples so I can make some cider. Yum! Don't want to miss out on that.

See Ag Report #2- Odds and Ends
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blogoversary Number Six- Win a Book


Can you believe it? I've been doing this blog for six years. I've missed a few days but even so, this is post number 2154. I've survived the demise of Entrecard, CMS, and Adgitize (as have many of you fine readers). I've lived through changes at Blogger and have figured out how to make Facebook work for me.

You've hung in there (if you are reading this), and some of you still comment here. I appreciate all of you, even though I manage to respond to comments less often than I used to. I've met some of you face to face. Many of us have lived through the anguish of pets who have passed away and shared our grief.

In appreciation, here's a chance to win one of my books. I know I tend to make contests too complex (because that is the kind I like), but the goal was always to increase the traffic here. So here's how this contest will work. It's pretty simple (I hope). From now until November 26, every time you promote this blog somewhere else, you get one entry. That includes sharing it on Facebook (not just liking a post of mine), tweeting it, blogging about it, writing an article about it on some writing site that's still viable, etc. Please say something about your opinion of the blog. Send me the link, or take a screenshot- some way to show me you've done this. For every time you do this, you get one entry. My email is jhyshark [at] gmail [dot] com

On November 27, yes, Thanksgiving, I'll draw two of the entries at random, and each of the two winners will receive a book of mine, of their choice. That includes any of the books pictured below.

books by Joan H. Young

North Country Cache: My adventures hiking the North Country Trail- even non-hikers enjoy this. It's not a journal.
News from Dead Mule Swamp (includes the Hollow Tree at DMS): books 1 & 2 of the Anastasia Raven cozy mysteries
Paddy Plays in Dead Mule Swamp: book 3 of the Anastasia Raven cozy mysteries
Bury the Hatchet in Dead Mule Swamp: book 4 of the Anastasia Raven cozy mysteries
Would You Dare?: Twelve short biographies of historic Christians.

You can read blurbs and even excerpts at Books Leaving Footprints

Ready, set, go!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Big and Blue

I had to get up a little earlier than I wanted today to go do a work assignment. I think that's going to result in an early bedtime.

Nevertheless, the day was all about BLUE- blue sky, blue water.

This is looking across Pere Marquette Lake (where the river widens before flowing into Lake Michigan. That's Ludington on the far shoreline, and the Spartan at dock (sister of the Badger). Amazing how a small city disappears in all that blue-ness.

Pere Marquette Lake

The sky was clear and perfect. What a backdrop for the last of the fall color, like this maple.

maple tree

And since I was out near Lake Michigan, were it breathes in and out over the edges of the sandy point of land that separates the two lakes, I sat and watched it come and go.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

See Twin Queens of the Lakes
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