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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

At the Bird Feeder

The best things to happen today happened at the bird feeder. Now we are having a real storm. The squirrel seems to have hunkered down, and the birdies sure took advantage of it.

The little junco seems to be asking the cardinal if he can share.

bird feeder
The answer is, YES.

bird feeder

A downy woodpecker showed up too. And the blue jay is usually nearby. That's his tail hanging down.

bird feeder

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First Snow- Continued


I'm really not complaining. We got much less than some places. Still, a foot of snow in mid November is a bit of a shock! The roads were pretty bad. But I made it out and back home safely. We may be done now for a few days

snowy road

snowy road

snowy trees and sky

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy!

I think my red squirrel is a morning person. As soon as the sun was up he was racing from the roof to the deck railing, round and round in a circle, kicking up clots of fresh snow as he went.

I've given up spraying him with vinegar water. He only cares if I really get him in the eyes, and then he just sits there and rubs his eyes and looks at me so sadly.

red squirrel

What am I going to do about this little guy? I think red squirrels are one of the most adorable animals on the planet, but if he manages to get into the house it could be a terrible problem. And I can hear him chewing on something that sounds structural, up there in his haven under the deck roof.

At least the blue jay will chase him away from the feeder, so he isn't hogging it all the time.

You'd never believe how much noise he makes going across the edge of the house roof that is under the deck roof. It sound's like all of Santa's reindeer coming in for a landing.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

First Snow Winter 2014-2015


OK, we've had a couple of dustings before this, but this is the first snow that stayed. About four inches, much less than predictions. I think just north and east of us got hit harder.

I still like the hush and the soothing effect of the colors toned down by the snow. There are green, brown, white, blue, but somehow the effect is monotone.

first snow

Suddenly, the little pine tree that was hardly noticeable out in the field pops out,

first snow

while the tree line and horizon are muted

first snow

Yellow leaves still hug the path, but the path is now so obvious, until more snows flatten the grass. And wild animals aren't stupid. They will use a pathway that is easily traveled if it's going where they want to get to.

first snow

The clouded sky let through just a bit of light, for a wonderful Tyndall effect.

Tyndall effect

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Betsy's Eggs are Celebrities!

One of the awesome poetry writers at our West Side Gang group is Betsy, owner of the Icelandic Sheep.

She also supplies us with fresh farm eggs, which we buy from her as needed.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our artsy members decided to paint a bowl full of Betsy's eggs. Linda's painting is awesome. She's a good painter too. Here's her picture, used with permission

This week, I bought a dozen of Betsy's Eggs myself and decided I'd get artsy too, before we ate the still life.

First I had to find my wooden bowl, then arrange the eggs in some sort of balanced array. That was harder than I expected.

eggs in a wooden bowl

Then I started drawing them. Paint is not my medium- haven't done it in years, and wasn't that good at it even when I was practicing. I'm better with pencil and pen. Here's the thing about me and art. I have no patience left for it. I'm slow and I don't want to be, and I don't take the time to get things as good as they should be.

Nevertheless, I wanted to draw those eggs, doggone it, so I did.

drawing of eggs in a wooden bowl

With Betsy's poems of farm life and art work of her eggs, someone should make a book. Maybe someone will.

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