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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cloud Bank

Standing on a high bluff by the big lake today, you could see a bank of clouds rolling in across Lake Michigan. I thought that's all there was going to be to say about it. We didn't get a storm of any kind, it was just this roll of gray "cotton."

clouds over Lake Michigan

So then I went to work at the paper and all the way home, headed east I was chasing the back edge of that same roll that had passed over. I stopped at the store and the back edge was then being lit by the late afternoon sun.

sunlit low clouds

It sure made an ordinary tree beside a busy highway look special!

tree with clouds

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

For Lin (and some Snow)

For my blogger buddy, Lin. I could not provide a duck, but we have a wheel with fat string. OK, it's rope. Picky, picky. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, go visit her at Duck and Wheel with String

wheel with rope

Winter returned, but not too bad, except that there's ice under the snow. These are all textures near my house.

snow on branches

snow on grass

snow on yucca

I made a couple more levels in my game. The town doesn't look much different because I spent my "money" to get a second International Line. However, I won a Christmas log carrier. Every time I load it the tree appears and it makes me smile. Seriously. I guess I'm easily entertained, but I haven't smiled so many times in one day in a while.

Train Station Game Christmas Tree

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Misty, Moisty Walk

Out doing assignments today. It was almost raining, but not quite. Well, OK, sometimes it was raining, but not bad. Anyway, I had to walk in to a house beyond a gated driveway. It was about a mile each way. You know I don't mind that.

power line in the mist

The damp leaves and "fuzzy" atmosphere made colors seem to pop out. Here's a clump of reindeer moss (really a lichen), but reindeer do like to eat it. Not that we have any reindeer here. Supposedly it's a survival food. Let me tell you I've tried it. The only time it's really edible is when it's young and soft. The older, dry stuff is awful.

reindeer moss

So if that is reindeer moss, is this frog moss?

clump of green moss

This is just the wood on a fairly new power pole, but I sure thought it was pretty.

wood grain

And by the way, if anyone tells you I haven't decorated for Christmas, they are wrong. There are garlands and doo-dads and a star and banners. So there.

Train Station game

See Train Station
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Train Station

Someone should just shoot me now. The Facebook Train Station game is THE most fun game ever. It's model railroading in a virtual world. You run your trains, earn money from passengers, mail, and cargo. You can fill contracts and send trains to other friends who are playing (through Facebook).

When I started keeping track of my progress at level 7, I sort of knew what I was doing. Before that it was just random "figure it out." Here was my town at the end of level 7.

Train Station Game

Here it is at the end of level 16 (it had just flipped to 17, but I hadn't done anything yet) with my newest locomotive in the station. I've added a street, and a railroad track, and a lot of buildings. I know it's small, but I hope you can see that! I've completed my first International Contract, which was hard to figure out, but fun now that I know how to do it.

Train Station Game

Of my Facebook friends who play the game, only one is really active. He's at (are you ready?) level 187! Today he sent me an International Train with a gift of a whole lot of virtual coins, via the Queensland Express. Here it is in my station. Is this not awesome?!

Train Station Game

These are games that you can play completely without spending any real money, or you can actually purchase some things. I think I'm going to spend $7 tonight to get some gems (on sale) to use in the game. After all, I might spend $7 on gas or a movie or any number of things that wouldn't provide me as much fun as this game has already. And there's a locomotive I want that's only available for 11 more hours. I will then own seven trains!

My next goal is to acquire a second International Slot so I can do contracts and interact with my friends. Hopefully someone else will decide to play or one of the dormant players will get involved again. Any readers here still play with trains?

Well, I spent pretty much all of yesterday after church playing this game. Today, I managed to accomplish a number of things by using the following strategy. There are many destinations where you can send your trains. Some close, some far, some REALLY far. So, I said, "I have to work for two hours. No playing during that time." And I sent my trains far away, so they would not even need attention during that time. Sometimes you get surprise express trains with rewards, but I could hear the train approach the station, so I could just quickly click and unload them and then get back to work.

If I can train myself to play AND work I'm going to enjoy this game for a long time. There are hundreds of levels.

I may emerge in a week or so and hate myself, but I'm having so much fun right now...

If you want to see more pictures- of other destinations, and my friend's station on level 187, go to Train Station Facebook Game- My New Obsession

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Handbells and Friends

I went to the Manistee United Methodist Church this morning to hear the Handbell Choir that Dave and Loren are in. They only did one number (Carol of the Bells), but it was good. I'm glad I went. I saw another friend I hadn't seen for quite a while too.


This handbell choir is rather small, but my I like to hear them because of my hiking friends. They are on the right end, front and back rows in the second picture.

handbell choir

handbell choir

I think I'd like to do that. But that would be another meeting/practice to go to... hmmm.

The church is beautiful. I showed you their abstract stained glass window when I went for the handbell concert in 2012, but in this picture the church is light, which makes it look quite different.

stained glass window

The vertical sweep was enhanced by this beautiful, tall tree, covered in symbolic ornaments.

church christmas tree

And I wanted to add this large nativity set, since I showed you the one at the Lutheran Church.

handbell choir

Other than that I got sucked into a game that is tons of fun, but I sure "wasted" the day. On the other hand you could say I gave myself a day of rest.

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