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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ag Report 2- Odds and Ends

These are not major crops in the area, but I ran across fields of them this past month.

These first two pictures were taken several weeks ago. Do you know what this is a field of?

field of potatoes

Do the blossoms help? It might tell you that they are a member of the Solanaceae family.

field of potatoes

It's a field of potatoes. Michigan is known for growing potatoes, but not many of them right where I live.

The next field had me puzzled. I had a guess, but stopped for a closer look because I really hadn't seen a whole field of this crop here before. What's your guess on this one?

field of carrots

Did you get it right? Yup, it's carrots!

Bugs Bunny would be very happy.

field of carrots

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Goat of Every Color

Out working today, and I passed a field of goats. Of course I thought of Pricilla.


Of course I had to stop for pictures. It was a back road where there weren't going to be any traffic problems. We had a little black goat. She was reserved.


We had a little white goat who was curious, and looks like she has a wonderful sense of humor.


And then, we had the little dappled goat. She was clearly the pet. She came immediately to the fence and wanted her ears scratched and her nose tickled, and probably treats. But I didn't have any. So sorry, little cutie pie!


I'm still smiling from this close encounter of the goat kind.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rainbow, No Rain

Just a photo essay of rainbow colors today. Enjoy.

Red is red baneberry.

red baneberry

Orange is an impatiens I've managed to keep alive all summer. That's worth a smile!


Yellow is a hen and chick (Sempervivum) that grows really well in my sand and blooms occasionally.

yellow hen and chicks

Blue and green are impossibly trite, but I don't care, they were also quite lovely tonight.

blue sky

And purple is a whole raft of the naked lilies blooming just a little later than the others so I came home to some nice color.

naked lilies

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Hiking and Home Again

Didn't get a chance to post last night. When we finished activities I would have had to use WiFi through the phone, and a thunderstorm was starting, and I wanted to get in my tent before I got wet.

Yesterday, I got to stay an extra day after the non-conference and hike again with Dan and Ruth Dorrough. I had hiked with them for a day when they were here in the Manistee National Forest. This picture was taken in this morning's sun, after the storm.

Dan & Ruth Dorrough

We met for the first time over 10 years ago, but have only really gotten acquainted more closely in the last couple of months. We agree that it's like we've been friends forever. I wish I could just disappear from real life and hike on with them as they continue their section hike of the North Country Trail. Yesterday, we were on the Superior Hiking Trail piece of the NCT from Martin Road to Lismore Road. Only 7 miles, but it was enough because we had to all get re-organized from the days at the villa. It takes a while to get all the gear re-shuffled to a different lifestyle. And they will be continuing on with their hike, so they had a lot of organizing to do.

SHT sign

The day was damp and drizzly, but not bad. This mushroom was doubling as a little bathtub for someone.


Most of our walk was in nice woods, but there were occasional openings with beaver ponds or former ponds that are now meadows.

beaver meadow

Sometimes on a damp day all the colors just seem to pop out. These little beauties wanted to show off.

red mushrooms

We finished in good time, and did some necessary shopping and eating, then returned to our campsite. Dan and Ruth will be doing more backpacking than they usually do in the Minnesota Arrowhead, so we went through their packs, because they wanted to hear my suggestions. Pretty much as soon as we finished that a fairly amazing thunderstorm rolled in, and we all scooted for our "bedrooms."

Mine was still dry and snug this morning (on the inside, but that's where it counts).

Big Agnes Fly creek tent

Sadly, I did have to leave this morning. About 3/4 of the way home I crossed the Big Mac.

Mackinac Bridge

And arrived home in time for sunset through my pines.


Wonderful trip. I'd like to keep hiking forever.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Day with Friends

So many things to choose from! It's always hard to miss some things at these get-togethers, but one must choose. No regrets! I had such a good time with two couples today.

First we attended an outdoor expo that was part of the non-conference. Friends Dan and Ruth (that I hiked with in Michigan a few weeks ago) got some good info for their continued hiking in Minnesota. Then the five of us drove out to Two Harbors so we could go to Betty's Pies. That's a not-to-be-missed part of any trip to the Duluth area. I had a grilled cheese, pesto, spinach and tomato sandwich, and then a piece of raspberry peach pie.

Betty's Pies

After that we walked around the harbor and a nice trail. There was a monster Yellowstone 4-8-8-4 Steam Engine on display. It was used to pull cars full of iron ore down from the arrowhead.

Yellowstone Engine

I've taken the inside tour of this lighthouse in the past. Today we just took its picture.

Two Harbors Lighthouse

Toward the end of our hike we were entertained by a little Flickertail (Richardson's Ground Squirrel)

Two Harbors Lighthouse

We made another stop at the rose gardens downtown.


Then we spotted a grocery store. We all needed things, so that became the next project. Then I needed gas and we came back to our Mountain Villa at Spirit Mountain.

Tomorrow, I'm going to hike with Dan and Ruth for the day as they continue on their quest for the North Country Trail. We will be doing a piece of trail that wasn't built when I was here before, so I'm always happy to see new pieces (or even old ones).

See you tomorrow, maybe. I may not have internet.
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