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Monday, September 28, 2020

That Dark Deer

  That deer I thought might be wet is really just darker colored. This is a different day, and its other side. Blotchy looking. It hangs around with three other normally colored ones. gray deer Other than this, I have nothing photogenic. It wasn't actually raining most of the day, but it was quite wet, and since there was no panic item, I just ignored the well pit project.

I worked on the extra materials for The Lonely Donkey, including the lettering for the cover. It's all ready, so that as soon as I pick up the art work from Linda tomorrow, and scan it, I can just layer it in place. I did a couple other computer things that I was supposed to do. It would have been really good if I had done three of those, but I did do two. That's better than none.

The other major item was that I got started on the final illustration for The Lonely Donkey. Still a lot of work to do, but I have it blocked out. It's pretty complex, but when I read through the text again for one more edit, I was also mentally scanning for what the fourth picture should be. It really has to be this. So be it. I'm somewhat amazed at how well the first three have turned out, so hopefully this one will too.

Too much sitting. Tomorrow I need to move around more.

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Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Issue is Water

  Today I finally had to seriously deal with water. Falling from the sky. Yes, the rain arrived.

I pulled up the remnants of the tarp I bought just 2 1/2 years ago. It cost a lot, and it's just shredded. These plastic coated tarps do not last, and big ones are not cheap. Anyway, I salvaged enough of it to pretty effectively cover the new construction.

And by the way... How does Facebook know, even before I made this post that I'm annoyed at poor tarps? That word does not appear in yesterday's post, and I said nothing about it on line. And yet... I am seeing ads for tarps. I was talking about them with Cathy, but I do not have any of those personal assitant "ladies" on my phone. I don't really want my phone listening to me. But, I think it is managing to do so anyway.

Anyway, I got this temporarily covered and then decided to see if I could get the undercoat of paint on before the rain started. The answer is, "almost." I was working on side number four, the short one. The rain was very light at that point, but the wind was blowing crud into the paint can. So I picked up and cleaned up. You guessed it. It pretty much stopped raining after that. well pit cover

But by then, I wasn't going back outside. I'd already started on the next illustration for The Lonely Donkey. I'll show it to you. illustration of a small black girl in a cemetery from The Lonely Donkey

And that is all the news from today. I spent a bunch of time playing my game. I guess it was my goof-off day.

If you want to preorder a signed copy of The Lonely Donkey, email me at

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Impressive, But a Long Way to Go

  This really looks like something, but don't be deceived. There is a ton of work yet to do. well pit cover

Just to be clear, I got the other three walls in place, well pit cover

And then I just slid the plywood on the top. The forecast is still for no rain, but it's pretty gray and breezy out there. I'd rather just have some leaks instead of a total downpour on the pump if the sky decides to dump water.

My friend, David Snoek (see hike in the links below) was in town helping with a beach cleanup at Nordhouse Dunes, so we met for a sandwich and ice cream in the late afternoon man eating ice cream

And of course there was a stop at Lowe's for more overpriced items on the way home.

Worst discovery of the day- there is one more broken concrete block that needs to be repaired. It would have been easier if I'd noticed it before, but I can deal with it. It will just chew up more time.

Be assured that mistakes were made, but so far nothing that couldn't be "salvaged."

Best discovery of the day- I have two of these combination squares, so instead of constantly adjusting one for inside and outside squares, I just set one each way. two combination squares

And that is all that happened today.

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Friday, September 25, 2020

Well, Wall One!

  Things are coming together. It was unpleasantly hot this afternoon, but I took a little break and went back out when it was cooler. Got the second angled wall framed. well pit framing

Then I added the rafters. Only made one mistake, but I was able to fix it with a 2x4. well pit framing

Then I started adding the exterior sheeting. Just this one wall is done. well pit wall

I'm beat. But I really should be able to get this covered before we get rain. Maybe not painted and all, but at least enclosed.

In other news: I FINALLY found out how to finish the top edge of a lean-to shed roof. You'd think that would be mentioned in the hundreds of shed plans that are available. But, anyway, I found instructions. I also finished one piece of the extra materials for The Lonely Donkey, and I made pear muffins. But now I'm d-o-n-e for today.

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Framing and Friends

  Please notice that I did not say "framing friends." That would be in really poor taste, even for a mystery writer.

Cathy met me at the store today, and then helped me get the full sheets of siding and foam that I needed to buy. Unless I've calculated something really, really poorly, I shouldn't need any more help with a truck. You can see my loot behind us... in the weeds with everything else. two people with a pile of siding

What I did today is the kind of thing that looks really impressive because, suddenly, there is a structure that wasn't there before. Framing is fun. In this picture, I just have the two straight walls in place and tacked together. framing for a well pit

I did get one of the angled walls built and put in place. Some of the pieces are cut for the other one, so hopefully it will go together easier than this one did. framing for a well pit

I did mention friends, plural. Another friend stopped by to pick up some things. Also, Joshua came by to explain some things to me. You know that none of those events happened in a flash. And I also had to do some errands. On top of that, I did manage to work a little bit on extra materials for the book.

The weather forecast is now saying no rain before Tuesday. I think I'm in good shape to get this well pit cover done by then if I don't let up.

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