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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Slices of this Century

We had a nice laid-back day. No one did anything special, but it was relaxing.

I did get the craft project I bought pieces for yesterday up to date. Since 2001 we've been saving a small slice of the base of the Christmas tree trunk and making these banners. I needed more ribbon and bows, which I found. (If you count, yes, one is missing. We were so broke that year we decorated a small fake tree). If you can't read the dates, they go right to left and top to bottom.

So the trees are getting smaller. We are getting older and less tough. What can I say?

slices of tree trunks on ribbon

Find the largest slice. Got it? Here's how that tree came home in 2006. We've had a lot of good laughs about this. We did get stopped by the police within sight of the house, and I talked him into letting us come the rest of the way home by rearranging a few branches. (We took all back roads and I drove very slowly, but the last half mile had to be on the highway to get to the driveway.)

large Christmas tree on car

This is something we wish we would have thought of decades ago. These trees are nothing compared to what we used to have. The tallest tree we can even fit now is about 11 feet. However, in our old house we could have, and did have, an 18-foot tree every year. Those bases were often 8 inches in diameter. It would be neat to have some of them on banners to display for old times sake.

Tonight, Om and I are both going in to work at the paper on the big pre-Thanksgiving issue.

In other news: I did get a chapter written before anyone else came to life this morning. And we treated ourselves to Brenda's Burgers.

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Arrived-Yes, Alive-?

We have Steve! That said, I think all of us look like we need to get to bed soon. We all got up earlier than we like.

family photo

Unbelievably, he hadn't been home since 2011, so we haven't seen him for seven years. I kept saying five, but it was longer. SO nice to have him here.

I read the time wrong for his arrival so was at the airport WAY too early. Then the airline changed his flight number (but he didn't know it, and the desk said that flight number did not exist) and arrival times anyway, but even though I went shopping I did get back to the airport just as he was actually coming in. It was sort of a comedy of errors, but we connected.

Managed to buy a couple of craft things I needed that I couldn't get locally, so that was good.

There were three pictures I would have liked to take to show you but I was going 70mph on the freeway as my mind captured them. I'll just have to tell you instead.

1. I looked to my right in the low early morning light and a red-tail hawk was just landing on a branch with his back to me. His wings and tail were spread and the tail was glowing a bright rusty red.

2. A golf course was coated with frost and a few black leafless trees stood naked against the frosty, glistening whiteness. Very spectral.

3. A grove of young oaks, still holding on to their brown leaves were backlit with the morning sun making the edges glow a golden taffy color.

You'll have to settle for the word pictures.

In other news: The trip to Grand Rapids is pretty much all. I'm trying to get a few promotional materials printed before I pass out.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

More Red Berries

The afternoon light was nice and intense when I took a walk this afternoon. The sun was most welcome!

You've seen all these plants before, but these are new pictures, taken today. First we have Japanese Barberry. Still planted as an ornamental but it can become invasive.

Japanese Barberry

Rose hips were glowing brightly.

rose hips

And although this isn't nearly the prettiest highbush cranberry near me, it was on the walk I took today, so it wins.

highbush cranberry

In other news: the house is as clean as it's going to get, but it's lots better than a week ago. I pick Steve up at the airport in the morning. Wrote a chapter. Went shopping (I HATE shopping), but have some fun (I hope) joke gifts under the Christmas tree that didn't cost TOO much.

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Snowflake Vendor Event- Best Sales Ever

Today I traveled to Fruitport to sell books at the Calvary School Snowflake Craft and Vendor Fair. This was the entrance hall.

Snowflake Craft and Vendor Fair

The floor of the gym. There were also booths in the balcony and the cafeteria and the other end of the entrance hall. 100 vendors. I thought there was a nice mix of crafts and commercial vendors and snack food (Christmas cookies or other treats). You could also buy pizza slices and chips very reasonably. There was a lot of traffic.

Snowflake Craft and Vendor Fair

I know the people on each side of me did well. Didn't really get a chance to talk to anyone else. But I know people came to buy, because almost everyone walked out with some sort of package.

It was set up nicely with plenty of space in the aisles. The lady next to me should have had more light on her table, but people looked at her stuff anyway. I wasn't sure if my spot was going to be good or not (sometimes your location can make a big difference), but I guess it was good because I took in my biggest amount of cash for a single-day event ever. I was glad to be on the main floor. My booth was just out of the picture at the bottom, near one of the doors. I know a lot of people went upstairs, but I'm not sure everyone did.

Several people bought complete sets of either the Anastasia Raven or the Dubois Files books. And the Calvary School library (K-12) bought a set, also.

One more event before Christmas. I'll be going to the Holland Civic Center on December 8. I know I can't do this well every time out, but if I did, this author thing would be holding its own. Working up to that, right?

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Not a Work Potluck

I enjoyed the best of both worlds today. I went to a potluck at work, where I don't work any more! All the food and fun and friends with none of the pain and stress. Works for me!

potluck lunch

Of course I forgot to take any pictures before we dove into the food, but at least I remembered to get something. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, rolls, green bean casserole, and pies! They have not forgotten how to eat well since I've been gone.

potluck lunch

They are gearing up for the biggest issue of the year with 17 inserts next week. Om has to work that shift anyway, and I said I'd go and just volunteer, because it's SUCH a big project and SO hard to accomplish.

I was going to come home and work this afternoon, but after doing some errands I was just pooped. Not sure why. So no writing happened. That is NOT good, but I can't write when I'm beat.

Have to be energized for an all-day author event tomorrow. Need to leave the house before 7 am. As we know, this is not my favorite time of day.

Big week coming up with Steve home. After that, I'll need to hunker down and write, write, write while other things take a backseat. I have one more event on December 8th in Holland, but other than that, I must write if this book is to be done to come out for Christmas.

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