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Wednesday, November 25, 2020


  What do you do when there are only 2 people, but you want pie? You have pie for dinner, and then there is still plenty for tomorrow too. pies

Are they good? Meh... I had a can of pumpkin, so the pumpkin filling wasn't made entirely from scratch. I had 2 bags of apples I needed to use, but they weren't good pie apples, so the apple pie is too sweet. I really like Northern Spies for apple pie, but maybe that is an eastern variety. I've only found them in Michigan once. But I do make good crust.

In other news: I cleaned up the house a bit. That and pies took up the whole day. No walking occurred. No writing occurred. Josh is coming over to eat with us tomorrow. There you have it.

My microscope camera toy replacement came, but it doesn't work right either, so I returned it. Not giving that model another chance. The next better one is a whole lot more money, so it's probably not happening.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Mom's Steamer Trunk

  The big sorting project I've been mentioning... This item is at the center of it. This is my mother's steamer trunk. I believe it was purchased for her when she went to college at Temple University in 1927 or 1928. steamer trunk

If you are familiar with this kind of trunk, you won't be too impressed. I don't think this is a particularly fancy one, but it is fairy nice, and everything still works. On the left are various kinds of hangers, and a flat case at the bottom that clips in for travel, or is removable. steamer trunk

The trunk was made by the Hartmann company and has a patented "Cushion Top." Perhaps you can tell that this area is padded. This supposedly protected the hanging clothes. It folds down flat when you want to close the trunk. steamer trunk

On the other side are four drawers. The top one has a lock, and when you remove the drawer, you rotate that bar I've raised, and it locks or unlocks the other drawers. steamer trunk

Temple University is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and one of Mom's stickers is still on the outside of the trunk. I don't know too much about Mom's college years. She belonged to the sorority Alpha-Sigma-Alpha. She was on the swim team. Her major was Home Economics. steamer trunk sticker

The trunk was not being stored in a good place. Now it will be in a better location. And my goal was to fill it with things that need protection too. I found some things that will go in it. Others await another adventure in box searching to locate.

I often describe my life as one of those square flat puzzles with 16 spaces and 15 blocks that you slide around to create a picture or sequence of numbers, but you only have one open square to work with. I've now learned a new name for this- "garage Tetris." This is my world. But I've organized one tiny piece of it this week.

In other news: I took a walk with Cathy in very wet snow. The pictures aren't great. It was really sloppy, but at least we walked for an hour. I did a whole list of errands, had bell choir practice, and then an online meeting. No writing occured. But I'm whipped.

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Five Flat Farm Miles

  Drove 1.5 miles so I could walk a road loop that was at least different from my usual. Nothing spectacular. But it was nice and quiet, and I did walk 5 miles. The rows of corn stubble make great patterns. rows of corn stubble

Farms look like they are hunkered down and waiting for the snow. farm on cloudy day

The best find was two of these Golden Harvest Crabapple trees. They are garden varieties, but two trees seem to have gone wild- growing near the edge of the road. They are edible, but they are often left as ornamentals because the fruits persist into the winter lending a spot of bright color. Each fruit is a little over an inch in diameter. Golden Harvest crabapple

In other news: I wrote chapter 13 in Dead Mule Swamp Singer. And I continued to try to find the box of things I'm looking for. Still no luck. I am giving up tomorrow. It will turn up somewhere I'm not expecting it. Probably right after I put away the other things I want to collect with it.

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Another Loop at Ludington State Park

  I did another 6-mile loop at Ludington State Park today. There are lots of options, but we walked from the first parking area along the Big Sauble River to Hamlin Dam which creates the huge impoundment known as Hamlin Lake. Hamlin Dam

When I say "we," that would be my friend Loren, and furball Koa. Loren describes Koa as a battery pack that is infinitely rechargable! This picture is taken at the Hexagon shelter in the middle of the park. hiker and small dog

We did duplicate a tiny bit of my hike the other day, by going north on the Island Trail. I thought you might like to see that lone tree on an island in different light. lone evergreen tree on an island

Then we turned west on the Lost Lake Trail. This climbs quickly to the dunes above both Hamlin and Lost Lakes. If you look between the trees you will see a footbrige out there over the water. That is the Island Trail where we had just been. The bridge is humped so paddlers can go beneath it. And this is the connection of Lost Lake to Hamlin. footbridge on a trail

For the rest of our hike, we were in the woods between Hamlin Lake and Lake Michigan. We took the Lost Lake Trail to a small piece of the Ridge Trail, then to the Logging Trail where we turned north and walked around the upper loop of that trail. Then we returned to our cars via the south end of the Logging Trail. Here's a typical picture within the woods. There are also a number of small wetlands between the dunes. trail in the woods

I had to stop just south of the park after we finished to catch a couple of pix of the big lake- Lake Michigan. It was a little early for sunset, but the color was starting to develop. pink clouds over Lake Michigan

When I turned to look slightly north, there was a big freighter out on the horizon! freighter on Lake Michigan

You know I can't take a walk without looking for patterns. This one is my favorite because it was unexpected. pattern of cattails and water ripples

You can get interesting pictures of these old jetties almost any day, but that doesn't make them less appealing, just more expected. old jetties on Lake Michigan

Awesome hike- it got a little warmer than predicted- I would say low 40s. Very nice for hiking. We did see quite a few other people, but once we got on the wooded trails we had them all to ourselves. Not surprisingly, as most people prefer the trails that go along water.

Ludington State Park: Sauble River Trail, Island Trail, Lost Lake Trail, Ridge Trail, Logging Trail. Total distance 6.2 miles.

In other news: Not much- I worked on that big sorting project I keep mentioning. I couldn't find yet another thing that I want to collect with some other things. It's really annoying. I guess you could say progress was made, but I had to make more messes to accomplish it. No writing. A tiny bit of editing.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ludington State Park- Details

  There were so many neat scenes from yesterday that I have to share a few more. Mostly details- you know I love patterns. This one is sand blown across a decaying log- I'm guessing hemlock from the red color. sand in decaying wood

I'll alternate patterns with more realistic views. There are several backwaters along Hamlin Lake where the surface is almost always really placid. lagoon with reflections

Pen and ink crosshatching? An effective illustration technique whether done by a human hand or the grasses, water and sun. crosshatched grass

Speaking of grass- it will grow just about anywhere it can find the tiniest toehold. grass on a stump in the water

And it softens the rotting logs and rises in sunbursts late in the day. grass on rotting logs

The reeds were singing with runs of melody and counterpoint, ties and slurs. curved reeds

Driftwood with moss? Or the skull of some ancient horned beastie? driftwood with moss in the water

And, as a parting shot... an extremely trite photo. Nevertheless, I caught that gull in just the right position, so I'm sharing it anyway. Winging it's way into the sunset. gull flying in late afternoon light

In other news: I wrote 717 words today and finished chapter 12. It seems like there should be more words, given how long I spent on it, but there it is. I took a 4-mile road walk. I started reading another book I'm editing. That's about it!

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