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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Icy and Windy

  The thermometer said it was 37 degrees, but the wind made it feel like about 20. Nevertheless, Cathy and I got in a walk at the State Park. It was just a shorter walk than we had expected to do.

Bright sunshine made the steep hillsides dramatic. hillsides in sunshine and shadow

The trails were clamshelled ice from previous walkers' tracks. Fairly treacherous, and it slowed us down. Neither of us took a fall, so that was good, and we got quite a workout despite walking only maybe 3.5 miles. We made it to Hamlin Lake, but then needed to turn around and go straight back the same way we came, so I could get to bell practice on time.

I was surprised that with the warm temperatures we've had the lake is still frozen. Hamlin Lake

Most of my time was spent watching my feet and the trail, but I did see this nice texture picture in the end of a cut log. end of a cut log

Of course, we stopped for a couple of pictures of Lake Michigan. It was pretty rough, with a green seafoam color. We were north of the lighthouse, and you can see it out there in this picture. Lake Michigan

I didn't think the lake pictures were going to turn out well because the wind coming off the water made it really hard to hold the camera steady, and there was a lot of blowing sand. But I like this one! Lake Michigan

In other news: I edited and did some errands in the morning, hike and bell choir in the afternoon.

Ludington State Park, Piney Ridge Road to Hamlin Lake and back, about 3.5 miles

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Monday, March 1, 2021

In and Out of the Closet

  I have a temporary job for as long as it takes me to finish (within reason), and a very flexible timeline. I'm doing some painting. Interestingly enough, I was painting for this same person when this blog began 12+ years ago. See link below.

I wrote about that on day 5 of My Quality Day. I'm going to assume this is not a bookend phenomenon, and that there are more than five days remaining for this blog.

Today, I primed a closet. closet door

And got the edges cut in with primer on the bedroom attached to the closet. Also got most of the ceiling primed. room being painted

As was also true twelve years ago, I'm very grateful for this job right now. The dearth of events at which to sell books has put my finances in a tailspin. This will help a lot! I don't mind working, but it's really hard to find someone who will hire you when you are 72.

And the sunset was gorgeous. I'll bet it was spectacular at the beach. Oddly enough, this appears to be the first March sunset I've ever put on the blog. sunset

In other news: I got groceries on the way home from the job, and I hope to do a little editing yet tonight. Tomorrow, I'm busy all day, but I'll be painting again on Wednesday.

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Liberty Hyde Bailey

  This post is part two of the series about something near and dear to my heart that began with Anna Botsford Comstock (see link below). Just one more person to tease you with, and then I'll tell you why I'm sharing about these two.

Liberty Hyde Bailey was born in Michigan in 1858, but ended up in New York at Cornell University. His life actually overlapped with mine as he did not die until 1954.
Liberty Hyde BaileyAt Cornell, he became chair of Practical and Experimental Horticulture, and founded the College of Agriculture, one of Cornell's signature courses of study.

He is considered to be a champion of farm and rural life. He is credited with starting 4-H, and bringing electric service to rural areas.

A prolific writer, he published books about botany, agriculture, horticulture, and even poetry. He wrote 65 books and edited two magazines. Wikipedia says he "dominated the field of horticultural literature."

There is no doubt that he knew the Comstocks.

But the connection between these people, as it relates to my life, is not directly a result of their professions. However, there is a thread of common ground. Stay tuned.

In other news: I was gooder than good today. I did laundry, I cleaned the kitchen, I did paperwork, I did editing. I may have worn out my self-discipline for a while.

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

When Trails are Too Mushy

  Cathy and I wanted to do a good walk today, but with our sudden spring-like temperatures the trails have turned to total mush. Rather than struggle and not be able to get very far, we chose a road walk in the county that isn't just squares, and has some nice things to see. It also has some decent topography to enhance the workout factor.

We began in some agricultural areas, mostly fruit farms. Orchards can provide some great pictures, but this is not one of them. Couldn't get a good perspective. You'll have to settle for a view that does at least show acres and acres of rows of fruit trees. cherry orchard

Here's the joke of the day. Carom boards are made in Ludington. Someone has found a use for old broken bases- as the backboards for their No Trespassing signs! Carom board with no trespassing sign

Eventually, we ended up on the back side of Pere Marquette Lake. So we were across the channel from the Ludington lighthouse. Not a great picture, but I like how the water and the sky are almost the same color. The lighthouse is the blockier tower toward the right. The building in the foreground is on the same side of the lake we were on, and the round tower is a channel marker. Ludington Lighthouse

Another interesting destination on that road is White Pine Village, a living history museum. There are 30 actual historic buildings that have been moved there, and during the season there is almost always some fun demonstration going on. This house is actually an administration building, but it made a nice picture, and is visible from the road. I haven't been there in a while- I really should go. It's a treasure of a destination, but when it's open, it's so overrun with tourists, I end up avoiding it. Rose Hawley administration building White Pine Village

Here's a winter view of the two carferries, head on. This side of the lake is the only place one can take a picture like this. The link below shows a similar shot taken in the fall. Ludington carferries

And one more... this is definitely not a great picture, but these bird are so skittish I was just thankful to end up with a picture that has the whole bird in it. This is a pileated woodpecker. They are really large, over a foot from crest to end of tail. pileated woodpecker

How did we do? We walked 10.8 miles!

In other news: After that (and clean up and lunch) I had an appointment about some editing. Now I am home and crashed for the evening!

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Friday, February 26, 2021

Crystal Dawn

  What besides a hike can get me out of my pajamas and into layers and boots before 9 in the morning? How about a gorgeous hoarfrost morning? hoarfrost

I don't have a lot to say about these pictures other than to tell you they are all in color. I did not change any of them to grayscale! hoarfrost

Yet, this picture of apple tree branches is the only one where any color shows up. hoarfrost

No one was at work yet at the dentist office next door. I wonder what they would have thought of the crazy lady lying on her belly in the snow to get these shots. hoarfrost hoarfrost hoarfrost

Maybe there is a hint of brown in this one of the Queen Anne's lace.

It was all gone in an hour!

In other news: I edited. I had a meeting. I walked to the Post Office (to mail my sales tax check- trying to be responsible about business paperwork) in 40 degree weather under blue skies!

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