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Monday, June 29, 2015

Green Garb with a Redbelt

Just a few pictures I took walking the trail around the West Shore Community College pond. We have made it to full summer, and the color of note is green. For sure.

green foliage around a pond

Even if you make it dramatic, it's still green.

green foliage around a pond

How about a red belt to go with that? Redbelt polypore (I'm pretty sure, although I'm open to correction on this), Fomitopsis pinacola. It's a little thinner than I would expect, and it must be young since the color is all redish. Older ones are thick, like a hoof, and are brown with just a red belt at the edge before the white strip.

redbelt polypore

But the underside is easily identified as a polypore... no gills, just a more or less smooth surface covered with tiny pores.

redbelt polypore

Maybe if it works hard it can be a black belt.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Betsy's Book Launch

A friend of mine, who's in my writer group, had a book launch party this evening. She's Elizabeth M. Rosenow, Betsy. Here is her book of poems about country life, Sandhill Mist, Seasons on a Centennial Farm.

Sandhill Mist

Some other members of the group, one of them my friend Ellen, organized the event. Betsy read poems from the book for about 30 minutes.

Elizabeth M. Rosenow

If you enjoy seasons, farms and life close to nature you'll like Betsy's work.

The party was held at the Shagway Arts Barn, a fairly new venture, out near Indian Pete Bayou on Hamlin Lake. They sell local handmade art and craft items. Lovely display, nice setting. They even have some hiking trails that I need to go explore.

Shagway Arts Barn

The evening began with live music by Cheryl Wolfram- a fitting collection of songs for the occasion.

Cheryl Wolfram

After that, Betsy read, and then we all had cake! The cake was decorated with sheep. Why? you ask. Betsy is the friend who has the Icelandic Sheep.

About 30 people attended, a nice turnout for a first book by a local artist.

Betsy's Book Launch

She sold a number of books, and we all congratulated her. Way to go, Betsy! You can find Sandhill Mist on Amazon. You won't be disappointed.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's a Perfect Match

I managed to catch a monarch butterfly on a milkweed plant, required in their life cycle. It's even at a little different angle from most butterfly pictures.

monarch on milkweed

It was another beautiful day. A little hot, but the evening was cool.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An All-American Day

I was out doing assignments all afternoon, and then had to go out in the evening again. It was one of those perfect summer days... warm with a light breeze that kept it from getting too hot.

I was out in real farm country... acres and acres of fields and orchards. Red barns, big trees shading lawns.


The wheat isn't quite amber yet, but it sure was waving.


Coming home across Longbridge...Pentwater in the sunset. I caught a big bird in the shot.


Then I looked to see what it was... Sure enough. An eagle! He scooped up a fish and flew away.


See Kayaks Loaded, Kayaks Launched for the Pentwater scene in daylight
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Nick and Jen

I promised you'd eventually see the horses who lived at the farm by our campsite in Ohio. Here you go. Jen is the one in back. She's a Belgian. Nick was purchased so Jen would have a friend. He's a Haflinger gelding. Although that breed is always some shade of chestnut, Theresa and Ron looked specifically for a horse that would make a nice match for Jen.

Haflingers were developed in Austria and Italy, and take their name from the city of Hafling. They are a small draft horse, often used in military operations because of their strength and endurance.


Theresa said they don't harness them together because of their size difference, but separately they can pull a cart. Both are also saddle broken. She said they are great pals and don't like to be separated.

While we were there, Ron brought in a cart of fresh hay and Nick and Jen were running along the fence and whinnying like crazy because of the enticing smells.

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