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Friday, May 6, 2016

Middle Bayou


Got a new perspective on one of the bayous off Hamlin Lake today. There are three bayous off the main body of the lake, and this is the Middle Bayou.

Since it's pretty much all private around these, you have to have a reason to be there taking pictures, or perhaps be on the water. But I had an assignment.

This is looking east toward the upstream end, which is fed by a creek that has no name I know of.

Hamlin Lake

Looking west, toward Hamlin Lake you can see a concrete bridge. That is Lakeshore Drive, and from that bridge you can see the dunes I feature from time to time.

Hamlin Lake

On the Hamlin Lake Map, the North Bayou is at point 4, and you can see the Middle and South Bayous below that as you go south along the east edge of the lake.

The shadbush or serviceberry is starting to bloom. It's always so pretty and dainty filling in the woods' edges in early spring.


See Shadbush along the Little Manistee
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Accordion Throwback

I've been meaning to get these scanned for a Throwback Thursday. Just for laughs!

First is the accordion band I played in in 1963. The local teacher, Elma Thompson (standing far left), had a large number of students. She was an excellent performer as well as a good teacher. This must have been the first year after I got my 120 bass accordion. More about that in a while.

I've left the large version of the picture so you can click and maybe see it better. Can you find me? I'll tell you where I am at the end.

Here's the program for the event. Front and back. I don't expect you to read it too carefully, but I want to put it in with the picture just for the record. I'll tag a few people on Facebook that will appreciate this. My solo piece was "In the Alps," and the band played six songs.

Now, for the program that had to be of the last recital I had on the 16 bass accordion. I started lessons when I was four, and this recital was on my 7th birthday. At that point, I was ready for a 120 bass instrument, but even though I was tall and strong for my age, I still wasn't big enough to really handle the large accordion, so I took piano for the next seven years, until my grandmother gave me the accordion I still have. (The instrument was always her choice. I'm not sure I would have picked it, left to my own devises, but at this point, I'm better on it than I am on any other that I play.)

You can see examples of the small accordions, held by the younger children in the middle of the front row above.

With all this music training, you'd think I would be really good. I'm not. But I sure enjoy it anyway.

I see I played a piece called Horse Sense. Wonder if I still have the music for that. As far as I know there is no picture anywhere of me with the small accordion.

Did you find me? I'm on the far right, second row down.

See The Sound of Music
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Primrose Lane

OK, it's nothing like a lane. It's two plants almost side by side. But they are blooming!

First is the ordinary English primrose, a gift from SIL Loretta. It did not bloom last year and I thought it had died. I haven't had good luck keeping them happy in the past. This year, the color is lasting a long time. Yippie! The actual color is more purple.


Next is a gift from Ester, the Cowslip primrose Primula veris. This one has lasted quite well, maybe even expanding its puddle a little bit. I read that they are suited for harsh cold weather. That sounds promising.


Nasty weather today... I did inside things after work.

These two plants make me want to resurrect my rock garden, but I don't think I have the energy or the money.

See see a pink primrose
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring Out and About

Out doing cases today and sure enjoying all the bright spring colors!

First of all, just some plain old weeds, but I love them. Bright yellow dandelions and blue common speedwell.

dandelions and speedwell

Here's the speedwell, closer.


Moving along to flower beds. Suddenly, from not being spring at all, there are now whole beds of tulips blooming.



But I always have to return to the rebellious little flowers that like to bloom wherever they want. I have no idea if this is an actual variety name, but my mother always called the two-toned violets, Confederate violets.

confederate violets

I'm pretty much over my cold. Good thing because I have to set the alarm and be at work in the morning. Work isn't bad, it's that morning part that gets me!

See A Walk to the River
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Afghans I Have Made - Crochet - Spring Daisies

This is the last of the past afghans (except for the one I can't find). This has also been previously featured on the blog, as it was finished just a bit over 5 years ago.

This design was a little more traditional- made with a huge collection of granny squares sewn together. The pattern (I have boxes, plural, of patterns for all sorts of handicrafts) was chosen by sister-in-law Loretta, and we tweaked it a bit to suit her and she chose pastel colors. I named it Spring Daisies.

If you look closely you can tell that two of the daisy styles are somewhat textured, while the third kind is flat. The textured ones were fun to make.

spring daisies afghan

Here it is all spread out. None of it was fun to sew together. 168 squares. Only for someone I care about a lot!

spring daisies afghan

I am declaring myself well enough for work tomorrow, because... I have to work tomorrow. No worries. I think I'll be fine.

See Afghans- Lacy Diamonds
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