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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

To Stan Hywet Once More

I'm taking you back to Stan Hywet in Akron, Ohio one more time. I want to show you longer views of four themed gardens. I should have asked how many gardeners they employ. It must be a crazy number.

The first garden you see after you enter (there are flower beds everywhere, but I'm referring to a semi-enclosed space with a particular theme) is the Rose Garden. Actually, I'm not a big fan of roses, but the avenue of trellises made a nice visual line.

Stan Hywet Rose Garden

Directly in back of the house is a Japanese Garden. This is placed in a naturally lower area, but I think some of the rocks that turn it into a bowl were moved there on purpose to create the space. It was quite lovely.

Stan Hywet Japanese Garden

The walled English Garden was where I learned the names of several plants because things were labeled pretty well. There was also quite a lot in bloom. The reflecting pond was nice, and I tried some interesting shots, but they all turned out rather average.

Stan Hywet English Garden

The last place we visited in the afternoon was the conservatory, filled with tropical plants and cactus. Outside that was the Children's Garden. It was loaded with bright colored flowers and various places to play, including a splash fountain. It wasn't set up in a way that you could get a picture of the whole space. So I'll just show you this playhouse with plants on the roof.

Stan Hywet Children's Garden

The deer have eaten most of my flowers. There are almost no buds left on my day lilies, and the hosta are all chewed. I think I should give up trying to raise my own flowers and get hired by some place that has extensive gardens like these, with plenty of money to care for them.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Views of the Day

I had to go to Grand Rapids today, and of course couldn't chance being late, so the interstate was my route going there. However, coming home I got to play one of my favorite games... just take a road going in the right direction and see where I end up.

There was one stop I had to make on the way, so the road had to wander there, but it wasn't time constrained, so I had a blast.

I loved this small wetland beside the road.


And you know I found a couple of really good back roads. This is 132nd Avenue (between Pierce and Baseline if you are local and care). These pretentious names on seasonal roads always crack me up.

back road

Another stop at the White River was on the agenda. I needed to collect information for my newspaper column.

White River

And finally, I discovered another place to get a nice view. This is on 128th Avenue, just south of Clock Rd, looking north.


This is two-week old news now, but I quit the job that had me driving all over several counties. Increasing constraints with no increase in pay... anyway. So, I won't be out and about as often, unless it's for something I want to do.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

It's Loaded


We had some great thundershowers and rain this morning. It's still too hot, but it helped. I did get the inside of the house under 85 degrees.

Look at the crabapple tree. It's loaded. If I can get my act together this fall, I can make a lot of juice.

unripe crabapples

See Red, Lovely Crabapples
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hot Trouble

The defining feature of the day was heat. Wow. I did get some laundry done, and worked on a database project I've become obsessed with. But I didn't move far or fast.

Neither did Trouble. This is Riley's offspring who has stayed around. I think Trouble is a good enough name for him/her. We can't have the bird feeders any more because we can't afford to feed the squirrel(s) too. We now have a fox squirrel hanging around too, and they are really pigs. And I think Trouble chews more than Riley did.

Anyway, these pictures were taken on a different hot day, but Trouble was pretty much slowed to a crawl as well.

red squirrel

I took the pictures because I've never seen a red squirrel just lie down and look less than alert out in the open like this (on our deck railing). Here's one through a cleaner window.

red squirrel

But it was oppressive enough today to keep me pretty much in a chair with a fan on.

See Hello, My Name is Trouble
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Friday, July 22, 2016


No doubt about the quality in today. Lots of work and too hot and humid, but I bought a new kind of melon to try. It's called Lemondrop.

Wow! It's like a honeydew with more than a drop of lemon. I like it a LOT. Not quite ripe. I'll bet it gets even more lemony.

Notice the skin is like a cantaloupe with smooth pale green stripes, in case you see one and it's not labeled.

lemondrop melon

And I can't resist showing you last night's sunset. Sorry about the wires. They are there. What can I do?


I'm off to work soon. Cooler at night and the building is air conditioned. Still hot, but not like working outside. I feel bad for people who had to work outdoors today.

And, it's my dad's birthday. He would have been 112, and he died 40 years ago yesterday. Link below if you didn't see previous post about him.

See Ray Ford Leary
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