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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Michigan Holly

You have to love this plant. When everything else is turning brown and dull, the winterberry turns on the red.


It's a shrub, also known as Michigan Holly. Indeed, it is a real holly, Ilex verticillata. It will keep the red berries all winter, so it really stands out against the snow.


Happy Day!

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John said...

Beautiful :-) Here in Lincolnshire most of the leaves are just starting to turn... Hopefully we'll have similar scenes here :-)

Secondary Roads said...

Isn't that pretty? Holly berries out here too.

vanilla said...

Very pretty. Our holly in front of the l.r. window is ilex aquifolium.

Rose said...

Beautiful! I love fall colors!

Ann said...

that is really pretty

Sharkbytes said...

John- seems very late- but I think your climate is milder than ours

Chuck- the thick patches are really spectacular

vanilla- a nice shrub

Rose- stick around- I keep finding more!

Ann- it's such a forgettable shrub in the summer, and so amazing all winter!

RNSANE said...

That holly must be splendid against a background of white snow! Do the birds eat the berries?

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