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Monday, May 12, 2014

Apple Orchard in the Rain

A long day of work, some of it in the rain. But I really like these apple trees beginning to show signs of leafing out, and the dandelions. I didn't adjust the color at all. It was like that- all fresh from the rain.

apple orchard

As I was taking this picture I heard a familiar sound, and managed to catch two sandhill cranes. Not a great picture, but I'm always pleased when I can catch them in flight.

sandhill cranes

See Where the North Begins and the Fine Fruit Grows
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rainfield61 said...

It was a long day of work, but you managed to get from it.

Ann said...

the joys of working outside.

Secondary Roads said...

Isn't wonderful how every thing seems to "pop" after a rain? It's hard to miss the racket that flying cranes make.

vanilla said...

Such a pretty orchard picture. I really like an apple orchard at that stage. Of course, I like it even better in the fall. :-)

catskillblogger said...

Kind of looks like NY.

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