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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Are you Ribbing Me?

While I was walking yesterday, I saw this reflection of a broken fan of cattail leaves. I liked the way it looked, and it reminded me of ribs.


Not five steps farther, I saw this reflection. My first thought was of the ribs of a sunken ship. Then I did a double take. It is ribs. (a winter-kill deer)

deer ribs

Then I got to thinking about the words rib and ribbon. I wondered if they came from the same root. The answer is... probably not. "Rib" is pure Old English. "Ribbon" is more a diminutive of "band," from Indo-European "bhend," from which we get bandana, bind, bundle, bond, ribbon and more!

A busy day, but had an uncharacteristic migraine headache this afternoon. Thankfully, it went away.

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Ann Thompson said...

Whatever those ribs belonged to, they look like they've been there for quite a while

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