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Saturday, May 23, 2009


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So, how does the trail stay open at all, given wind, fire, water... The answer is "VOLUNTEERS."

Almost all of the work of any kind (trail building and maintenance, through making phone calls, landowner negotiations, leading hikes, etc) is done by volunteers. Why? They simply love to be able to be part of creating inviting places in the forests, hills, prairies... to walk. More often than not, they are hikers who woke up one day and realized that they wanted to give something back to the trails that gave them so much peace.

Next time you take a hike, think about who it is that makes that pathway safe and clear for your enjoyment. In a park, it may be your tax dollars. But on many trails, it is volunteers.

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Julia said...

It's a wonder that our parks are ever maintained!! I remember learning how the stone steps in upper elevations in Yosemite Park are done by volunteer work crews in some locations. Seriously hard and thankless work.

Sharkbytes said...

All the National Forests are WAY underfunded, and the National Trails receive very little money except the Appalachian Trail. If it weren't for volunteers we wouldn't be hiking in nearly so many safe and interesting places.

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