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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sorry- I Couldn't Resist

Since everyone who commented had the same thoughts about the shoes (except me), I feel compelled to clarify that no one ever considered bronzing my feet, however, my mother did approximate the effect:

baby shoes

I suppose I probably had an inner attraction to the boots. The girl in the statue is so confident and contented, without being aggressive, that I just like her! The little brother is all tuckered out and snuggled up to their dad, resting on the wheelbarrow.

Fruits of Farming Sculpture

See Details at Ludington Sculpture Park

See Ellen & Joan's Urban Walk
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vanilla said...

Nice tableau. Confidence and contentment would naturally be attractive to you.

gallerydarrow said...

She does look confident and content. I like her too.

Glynis said...

Oh to be like her! Love the cute boots!

Ann said...

love the statues.

rainfield61 said...

Have a nice day.

betchai said...

cute golden boots, and the statues are one of a kind.

Lin said...

Yeah, it's cute, but I think I would like a "Joan, hiking" statue better! :)

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