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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goobye Philly, Hello New York

This is always a whole lot of travel time. It's a wonderful experience in the middle, but wow. All day today in the car, and I still won't be home until tomorrow night.

A final goodbye to Philly on the way out of town.

Philadelphia skyline

I had a wonderful time, but all the way back to Syracuse, NY, I kept looking out the windows at the hills and streams and wanting to be out there, a whole lot.

Interstate 81 runs right up the Tioughnioga Valley (say tee-UFF-nee-o-ga). This is a bit east of where I grew up, and I'd never realized what a big, long valley it is. It drains south into the Chenango and then into the Susquehanna, and Chesapeake Bay. I just looked it up, and the Susquehanna is the longest river in the Northeast US.

Pictures from a moving vehicle through the window, but I think you can still see what a lovely valley it is.

Tioughnioga Valley WIDTH=

Tonight with another friend you may remember, Irene.

Home tomorrow, and then I should be able to sort pictures. Hang in there!

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Ann said...

Have a safe trip. I hate those long car rides

spinninglovelydays said...

Wow, an entire day in the car -- sounds exhausting. Hope you get lots of rest when you get home.

Lin said...

Oh, how fun!! Can't wait to see all the photos from the flower show!

RNSANE said...

A few days back, I spent fifteen hours away from Bangalore...not all of it driving...heading to South India. It was fabulous, though..wonderful scenery and a visit to Mysore Palace and the 700 year old Hindu temple at Somnathpur....quite a bumpy ride much of the way. I think I lost weight.

Your scenery is quite different.

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