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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ruby Meadowhawk 2

I think this is another example of the Ruby Meadowhawk, genus Sympetrum. The book says that the identification of red dragonflies is pretty nearly impossible, so I'm not going out on any limbs with the ID. It perches like a meadowhawk though, and is medium in size.

red dragonfly

Although all the pictures are taken while it was sitting on the same stalk, it moved a little bit, and so did I to get a different angle.

red dragonfly

If you look closely where the wings meet the body there is a little amber patch. If that were bigger, it might be an amber-banded meadowhawk.

red dragonfly

It does have a beautiful pattern of diamonds down the side of it's abdomen. I think this one might be female, but I didn't get a good enough picture of the end of the abdomen to be sure.

Compare to the one I pictured in 2010. That one had redder spots, less prominent diamonds, and it was male.

red dragonfly

About all I'm willing to say is that they both perch like meadowhawks, and they are pretty!

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eileeninmd said...

Pretty captures of the Ruby Meadowhawk! It is a beauty!

Ann said...

nice shots. I don't know one from another but I'm fascinated by their wings

rainfield61 said...

A dragon is always beautiful.

Secondary Roads said...

Amazing creatures.

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