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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Birds-eye Speedwell

The other day when I featured buttercups, Carol of Duxbury Ramblers said she saw some speedwell hiding among them. She's right! And who needs more snow? So I bring you the Birds-eye Speedwell, Veronica chamaedrys, also known as Germander Speedwell.

birds-eye speedwell

It's so bright blue and stunning when sweeps of it fill the roadsides or meadows. It never gets this tall where I live, but on the last two New York hikes we've seen lots of it looking this healthy. Here's a closeup.

birds-eye speedwell

And, if you care, it can be distinguished from common speedwell by the sessile leaves (no stalks).

birds-eye speedwell

When they grow with the buttercups, it's my two favorite colors together.

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Ann said...

I'm a bit bleary eyed this morning and thought your title said birds eye "special" I thought maybe you had a new dinner menu :)

Jean Knill said...

So pretty Joan. We get speedwell here too. And buttercups. I'm off to tell you something on that blog post now.

Secondary Roads said...

Good point. We don't need more pix of snow.

catskillblogger said...


RNSANE said...

Beautiful flower and, paired with buttercups, it makes a lovely couple.

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