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Monday, December 14, 2009

Nature's Alphabet: U - Z

the letter U

the letter V

the letter W

the letter X

the letter Y

the letter Z

See Nature's Alphabet P-T
See Nature's Alphabet K-O


VanillaSeven said...

I love the alphabets! The V is the most amazing!

RNSANE said...

By George, you did it...amazing job!

Ratty said...

These may be my favorite in your Nature's Alphabet series. I think I like the U the most. Dogs are still my favorite animal.

Auntie E said...

Love the happy tail.

rainfield61 said...

Maggie always be helpful when you need her the most.

Secondary Roads said...

Wonderful! I've really enjoyed this creative series.

Ann said...

I love your alphabet pictures. Very creative use of a dogs tail :)

SJ said...

look at how the body of the tree twine ard

A smile from SJ =)

Lin said...

I like the orange "u". :)

WillOaks Studio said...

That is just awesome! And to think I figured the "end" of the alphabet would be difficult!

Sharkbytes said...

Well, V anilla, you should like it!

Carmen- now I'll have to look for another.

Ratty- I wan't sure about using the dog tail, but it was more interesting than just another branch.

Auntie- She has a permanently happy tail!

rainfield- she is ALWAYS happy to help!

Chuck- I may try for the numbers too, someone has asked me to add those.

Ann- Will, I kept trying to find an interesting U, and then saw the one that is always right in front of me!

SJ- Yes, that is one of my favorites.

Lin- You are in good company.

Karen- Well, as you can read in today's post, my predictions about difficulty had nothing to do with reality, so... who knew!?

Icy BC said...

I have to go with the yellow leaf for W..

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Icy- I can't decide if I like that one much or not. You have to look at it the right way to see the W. It's like one of those illusion pictures.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE letters in nature and you did a beautiful job capturing them! It can be very difficult to find a letter and you managed to do a wonderful job!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

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