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Friday, April 23, 2010

Writing April 18-23

Finished 2 draft pages for Moose in Boots (I have just one to go, and a few tweaks on pages already "done." So unless I really mess up, I will make my goal to have this step done before the hiking starts.
Edited and turned in the story for this month's Accentuate contest- theme: Anger, name: Toby and Harry.
Turned in a poem for this month's Accentuate contest- theme: Anger, name: Digital Lament
Wrote one article for Associated Content: Dandelion Syrup- a Delicious Option with Pancakes or Waffles
Have I mentioned over here that I've also started another blog: Shark's Short Story Reviews? I'm trying to do about one entry a week. I feel that I can promote my book and other writings a little more aggressively on a blog related to writing.


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