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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Enough to Get Me in the Water

Nasty hot muggy day. I know most of you in the US are having the same thing, so I don't expect sympathy. I just don't do humidity very well.

But it was hot enough to get me over to Hackert Lake for a swim. I'm SO out of shape! But the water felt good, and I'll work on building up the stamina.

Here's a picture of a catbird I took a couple of days ago. They usually hide in the bushes, so I feel really lucky to catch a picture.


They can be good mimics, but usually they just make a noise like a mewing cat. When I first saw it, it was actually standing in the parking lot. I knew instantly what it was because they often hold their tails cocked upward at a jaunty angle like a huge wren. It's a really odd posture for a large-ish (robin sized) bird.

Tomorrow... resort cleaning day again.

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Chuck said...

Nice shot of the catbird.

It sure has been a scorcher lately. Even though it's unfinished, the basement is dry and a great place to be during the heat of the day.

Ann said...

You got a good picture of the catbird. It's sticky hot here too but right now it's looking like we might get a little rain

Jean said...

Great shot of the shy Grey Catbird, Joan!
They are super great singers.
You should be glad you aren't in Georgia. We are having a major heat wave.:(

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- I'm glad you have a place to be cool

Ann- I hope you get rain, and that you didn't have the bad winds.

Jean- I really couldn't live in the South

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