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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just a Lovely Day!

Nothing else really needs to be said. I wasn't looking forward to working this afternoon, but it turned out to be beautiful, and I came home refreshed. Warm, blue sky, blue water, budding trees. Sigh! The good kind.

I came home happy. I'm including one picture, and a link to a more formal essay I wrote about it. On this blog, I usually just share conversationally. If you want the whole sentimental, sappy afternoon see The Pleasures of Back Roads.

dirt road

I'll give you another day to guess the vocabulary words from yesterday.

See Roads- Old and Older
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Karen and Gerard said...

I am looking forward to a nice day here in Parma, Ohio too! Sunshine and 75 degrees is the forecast!

Secondary Roads said...

That photo reminds me of day exploring two-tracks near my grandparents' home in Kalkaska County.

Ann said...

a warm beautiful day here today. I think I would like to take a walk down that road in the picture. It might help clear the cobwebs

knee exercises said...

A day with such a wonderful feeling and happiness comes in everyone's life where they feel very relaxed and free from tensions.

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