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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Spirit of the Woods Hike- Silver Creek Pathway

Today was the monthly outing for the trail club. We had 12 people and 4 dogs. Nice group. Age range from 70+ down to 10. And yet, no one felt that we hiked too fast or too slow. It was a great time.


We went to the Silver Creek Pathway, a state forest loop on both banks of the Pine River. It's about four miles long. In some places the trail is down near the water, and in others, you are high above it with nice views of the water.

Pine River

Of course, to switch from down to up, there's a hill involved. But there weren't too many of them.

Silver Creek Pathway

I think this is a small oyster mushroom. I liked its funny shape, and I like the slugs getting dinner.

slugs on fungus

This is my favorite picture of the day. Sand slumping off the bank across the river, and silhouetted leaves.

slugs on fungus

We had a great time. Sat around afterwards and had lunch and got acquainted with some of the people who had chosen to camp there the night before. While I was there, some small hawk flew right over my head. Too fast to identify. Pointed wings. Very low. It was pretty cool, actually.

This is not a profound post, I'm too tired for that. Bed early, I'm thinking.

See Snowless at Silver Creek
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rainfield61 said...

The mushroom is my favourite.

I am thinking about its name. Do I have it over here?

Ann said...

Looks like a great day. I love that last picture. Interesting how the sand is falling, looks like a wall of odd shaped bricks

Secondary Roads said...

Your favorite is also my favorite. I had to look at two or three times to decipher what I was seeing. Very nice.

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