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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Teasers


I'm really enjoying the clear, cool weather. It's not really seriously fall-like yet, and the trees are not turning colors en masse. Yet, there are teases and promises.

fall colors

Today I worked my way home from visiting Ester. It wasn't where I had planned to go for the weekend, but after a phone call, it was the important thing to do. We did see some fun places as well as accomplish some of her goals, and I will write about those places for my newspaper column. Then I was able to do some of my work cases on the trip back.

fall colors

Some of the time, I think I like the pure and bright solid colors of leaves best.

fall colors

Then, I see variegated ones, and I'm sure those must be my favorites.

fall colors

I hope to be seeing quite a bit more of Ester this fall. We have plans!

See Ester- on the Way
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Ann said...

We are starting to see just a bit of fall color showing. I like all the colors.

Lin said...

I see a tree here or there, just starting to turn. I hope we have good colors this year.

Secondary Roads said...

Fall already? Did I sleep through summer? I'm enjoying the warm sunny days we're experiencing this week.

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