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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It Has to Be the Sunset

My job took me to a very pretty area, for the second time, today, and I have some nice pictures to show you. But then I was in town at 5:30, and watching the sunset over Lake Michigan is a local passtime. Today's was awesome. There must have been 50 vehicles in the parking lot all doing what I was doing.

I took way too many pictures, but narrowed it down to a progression of six. It was 16 degrees and windy. Notice the chop over the breakwater.

They speak for themselves.







Maybe tomorrow I'll show you the other things I saw today.

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The Furry Gnome said...

What a wonderful place to take sunset pictures! Beautiful!

Leigh Goessl said...

Really beautiful photos!

vanilla said...


John Sealander said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope you had a warm coat. You must have been outside for a while to get that progression...

Ann said...

no wonder that's a popular spot, what a gorgeous sunset.

Secondary Roads said...

Vanilla used my word. Now I'll have to use two . . . awe inspiring. Love that sequence.

Aaron Lazar said...

Wow, Joan. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. ;o)

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