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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An All-American Day

I was out doing assignments all afternoon, and then had to go out in the evening again. It was one of those perfect summer days... warm with a light breeze that kept it from getting too hot.

I was out in real farm country... acres and acres of fields and orchards. Red barns, big trees shading lawns.


The wheat isn't quite amber yet, but it sure was waving.


Coming home across Longbridge...Pentwater in the sunset. I caught a big bird in the shot.


Then I looked to see what it was... Sure enough. An eagle! He scooped up a fish and flew away.


See Kayaks Loaded, Kayaks Launched for the Pentwater scene in daylight
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vanilla said...

Very nice red, white and blue. Wheat here is amber, almost "white to harvest;" will no doubt be cut by the Fourth (if things dry out enough).

Secondary Roads said...

It was a lovely day to be outside and active. i saw that first pic and thought, "That has to be an eagle." It's in the wings.

Ann Thompson said...

I love farm country. Wide open spaces and fresh air. Nice ending to the day with that sunset and catching that eagle

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