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Monday, June 22, 2015

Nick and Jen

I promised you'd eventually see the horses who lived at the farm by our campsite in Ohio. Here you go. Jen is the one in back. She's a Belgian. Nick was purchased so Jen would have a friend. He's a Haflinger gelding. Although that breed is always some shade of chestnut, Theresa and Ron looked specifically for a horse that would make a nice match for Jen.

Haflingers were developed in Austria and Italy, and take their name from the city of Hafling. They are a small draft horse, often used in military operations because of their strength and endurance.


Theresa said they don't harness them together because of their size difference, but separately they can pull a cart. Both are also saddle broken. She said they are great pals and don't like to be separated.

While we were there, Ron brought in a cart of fresh hay and Nick and Jen were running along the fence and whinnying like crazy because of the enticing smells.

See Beautiful Belgians
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vanilla said...

Beautiful beasties.

Secondary Roads said...

They are truly lovely.

Ann Thompson said...

They're both beautiful

Lin said...

WOW! Those are lovely horses!

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