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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nothing Left to See?

Sometimes I think that my commonly taken three-mile road walk has become boring. There are no particular high quality ecosystems along the route, they paved the last piece this summer, so there's no longer even any dirt road portion.

Sometimes I think I won't bother to take the camera with me. Glad I don't follow through with that thinking. Here are three scenes from this evening.

First, the sandhill cranes flew over. I wasn't even alerted by rattling cries; I just looked up and saw them as they flew over silently. These are times I'm glad of the auto camera settings. I'd never have time to get all the manual adjustments made.

sandhill cranes

Next, I was squinting out over a cattail marsh trying to see into the small open water. Sometimes there are wood ducks over there, although I haven't gotten a good picture of one yet. Too far away. However, I liked the sky and the light and the shapes of the trees. Sort of looks like a painting of the Hudson River School.

light on marsh

Later, the sun was getting lower (in my eyes, actually), when I realized the light was making inverted scallops of the wires, to mirror the edging of the cloud tops.

light on wires

And I took a couple of pictures of plants. Not too shabby for a walk where there is "nothing left to see."

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vanilla said...

Amazing crane capture!

Secondary Roads said...

I commented on FB without reading this post. Nice pix. Especially of the cranes.

Ann said...

yep, you did good

Lin said...

WOW! These are GREAT photos! I really like the cranes. I never see them low....only wayyyyyyy up in the sky making a racket.

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