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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trail Lost

Went hiking one of my standby short trails today at Scottville Riverside Park. Hadn't been on the whole trail this year. Sad to say, it's in complete disrepair and covered with nettles, Japanese barberry and poison ivy. Had to do some serious clean up when I got home.

But that didn't stop me from finding some nice photo ops. Of course, the Pere Marquette River is always the main attraction.

Pere Marquette River

You know I like to do close-ups of the ripples.

Pere Marquette River

If you don't like your ripples in water, how about in wood?

grained wood log

I love how the afternoon sun lighted up some things and left others in shadow.

sun on leaves

I think this one might be my favorite. I can't decide if it looks like a caterpillar, or a volcanic slug dripping oily flames into the water. It's certainly not just ordinary moss.

moss on a log

See Quiet River
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Secondary Roads said...

Nice pix. I like swirly water too.

Ann said...

ripples in water or wood work for me

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