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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lilac Fairy Helmet?

Here's another of the mysterious purple mushrooms. I think it may be Lilac Fairy Helmet, Mycena pura.

Lilac Fairy Helmet

For sure, I know a couple of purple mushrooms that it's not, now. Not the Blue Spine that I showed you in 2010, or the Violet Toothed Polypore. Those don't have gills. The Blewit has gills, but a much fatter stalk.

Lilac Fairy Helmet

I did get a picture of the gills on this one, but the focus isn't very good. This shows some features of the cap that fit for this one. Slightly incurved margin, thicker in center of top, wet.

Lilac Fairy Helmet

I didn't check to see if the stem was hollow, or if it smelled like radishes. I don't know if there are veins that cross over between the gills. I'll never be a good mycologist because I don't like to pull them up to cut them up and examine them (unless there are just LOTS). I'd rather leave them for someone else to see.

If my ID is correct, this is a poisonous one.

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Ann said...

Another neat looking mushroom. Cute name too

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