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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Early Teenagers

I think the first litters of rabbits from the year are hitting puberty. This morning there were three teenagers chasing each other around my lawn


The ran around so fast I mostly got a lot of blurry pictures.

Last night there was no window between me and these siblings. They did a few circles.


But then one of them posed! Doesn't he look like the quintessential teenager? What an attitude.


In other neighborhood news, the old school building about a mile away that partially collapsed in November was removed today.
I know the local historical society documented all the county schools and has good pictures. But I still find passings like this sad.

demolished school

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Ann said...

I wonder if it was some of those teenagers that ate my tomato plants :)

That is sad about the school.

Secondary Roads said...

I upgraded the garden fence to keep those long-eared teenagers out.

It is sad to see the old school house come down. In this neighborhood, there were enough one-room school houses spaced so that the longest walk to get to one was two-miles (one-way).

Dennis the Vizsla said...

thumper!!! or posibly watership down!!! ok bye

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