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Thursday, June 2, 2016

More Iris- Can't Help Myself

Here are more iris from another garden.


Look at the fall, close up!


These look like Siberian iris, but they aren't tall. Love the color!



Finally, this one is not open yet, but what a great pure color!


Workin' hard to get the last of the things ready for the hike. I leave Sunday!

See Iris- Out and About
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Ann said...

Love them all. The ones you said look like Siberian iris look like some that I have. The lady who gave them to me said they were Japanese iris. Either way, their still pretty :)

Secondary Roads said...

Those iris are beautiful. I always enjoy seeing them.

vanilla said...

Had an iris with yellow stands and brown falls. Very similar. I must have mistreated it, though. It seems to have disappeared.

Jean Knill said...

I love irises. These are all beautiful. Best wishes for the Big Hike. Enjoy.

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