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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Parting Shots

I'm on the road, and look what gave me a full display before leaving. All three poppy buds opened. I don't think I've ever had three blooms at one time. Nice with the raindrops on them too.

salmon poppy

All hitched up and ready to roll.

Companion travel trailer

Two hours later I arrived at my first stop.

Companion travel trailer

Yes, here I am at Chuck and Sylvia's for the night. It's pretty amazing how an internet friendship can turn into one of the best in one's life. We stumbled across each other's blogs about five years ago because of a common interest in rural living.


Of course I wanted a tour of the flower gardens!

Rose in bud- very fragrant


And a peony glowing in the late sunshine.


See Trailer-ing
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Secondary Roads said...

We certainly enjoyed your visit. Thanks for helping with the fence around our garden. To us that help was huge. Enjoy your hike.

Lin said...

And the best flowers are Chuck and Sylvia!! Oh, and YOU, of course!

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