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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Weekend Hike Prep- Food is Done

I've hinted about a weekend adventure. Yup! SueAnn Crawford (and Sophie, of course) and I are going to backpack the Fife Lake Loop, which is about 21 miles. I got the food finished and all packaged tonight.

backpacking food packages

You've seen this before, on a much grander scale. But it's the same thing as usual, just not nearly so much work. Good thing, too. I've been working so many hours I haven't had much time. The lunches are all together in that one old apple bag. For only a weekend trip there's not much reason to separate them, so I just put the labels on the table beside it so you could see.

Here are the menus:

1. Juice
Hot grapenuts
Dried fruit

2. Juice
Paul Bunyan Bars
spotted applesauce leather

Morning Snack:
1. Classic Gorp

3. Dried fruit & nut mix

Extra Snack:
trail shakes

1. Breton crackers
peanut butter, cheese
veggie plops
Riessen candies

2. Multi-grain crackers
peanut butter, cheese
mushroom sandwiches
Riessen candies

Hot Meal:
1. Beef-barley stew w/dumplings
Raspberry-rhubarb cobbler

2. Gravy Bacospuds
Cheese crackers
molasses pecan bars


Total weight 40.7 ounces, which works out to 1.27 pounds per person per day. This is just about perfect for what Marie and I eat when backpacking. SueAnn thinks she's good with that amount too. Marie and I are good with 1.2 pounds pppd, but I'm glad this is a tiny bit more because SueAnn hasn't backpacked in quite a while and has no idea what her appetite will be.

Now, I still have a tiny bit more to do on that extra contract job I got before I can go to bed, and I have to be back at the paper at 8 am, so I think I'll bid you adieu for now!

SueAnn and Sophie are ready.

hiker with dog
See Food is Done- 77 pounds for a major food preparation project
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vanilla said...

Walk on! May you find joy on the trail.

Ann Thompson said...

Enjoy the hike

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