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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Confessions of a Gadget Junkie

Given that I don't really like to cook and solidly claim that I've already cooked my lifetime quota of meals and am therefore DONE, I'm a total sucker for interesting kitchen gadgets. Like this one.

spiral cutter

Know what it is?

Here's a clue.

spiral cutter

Here's the actual clue, if you haven't seen one before.

spiral cutter

It's a spiral cutter. You can use it on any vegetable over about an inch in diameter. So far I've made cute carrot spirals on my salad, and tonight I did this with a zucchini. Pretty good. I boiled the zucchini spirals for a couple of minutes and added some sauce from a jar. Very like pasta texture but all veggies.

spiral cutter

I suppose you could do a fairly green banana or a hunk of melon. How about green melon spirals with blueberries and cherries.

I think the cooked zucchini spirals would dehydrate well for backpacking.

I particularly like that there is no electricity or battery power required, just a twist of the wrist. Fun!

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Ann Thompson said...

Cool gadget and the spiral zucchini looks good

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