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Saturday, December 30, 2017

First Snowshoe- Winter 2017-18

First time on snowshoes this year. Not sure why I hadn't gotten them out. I guess I've just been in a ski mood. The snowshoes do need the bindings replaced, but I even have the new ones. I just haven't put them on. I taped up the old ones one more time and headed out.

Great winter sky!

winter sky

We now have over a foot of snow. The going was difficult. I did a short loop in about 30 minutes. Temperature 9 degrees F, but no wind. It didn't feel bad.

It's not a wet snow, but the absence of wind has allowed branches to hang on to their piles. Here's a smallish mulberry.

snow on mulberry

And my trail through the white pines. Everything was quiet, and with no shadows the world is very two-toned.

trail through pines

In other news: I wrote another chapter in The Secret Cellar, and am back to knitting on THE socks. That's not bad for a Saturday.

See Snowshoe Hike
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Ann Thompson said...

I would say that sounds like fun but I hate being cold.

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