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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Back on Track?

Maybe I'm back in the groove. First, the damage assessment here. It doesn't amount to much. One of the quaking aspens, which had already partly broken, snapped. Not a big deal. I'll see if I can clear it out alone when things dry out a little. That's it. I'm very fortunate compared to many in the county.

broken aspen tree

Walked 3 miles with 33 pounds in 54 minutes. Not bad. One hip was a little sore. Again, not a big deal.

I finished my hike menu plans and made an initial shopping list to get started. Here are my hot meal menus. It's a lot of bother to make meals for one, so I'm making each of these menus for two and splitting them. I'll have each meal twice, divided between the first and second half of the hike. (with comments)

gravy bacospuds
olive salad
tootsie rolls
not fancy but very fast to fix and very light weight
cheesy bacospuds
broccoli salad
granola bar
not fancy but very fast to fix and very light weight
buttermilk dill soup
fruit mix
very yummy, very fast to fix and very light weight
tuna curry w/rice
pistachio pudding
a little heavier but very filling and a nice comfort meal
beans & vegs
spotted applesauce
a new main dish I want to try, looks like it will be filling and light weight
pizza bowl
peach yogurt
a new main dish I want to try, looks like it will be filling and medium weight
turkey tetrazzini
veggie plops
a comfort food favorite, medium weight
maple acorn sausage
rice cakes
tootsie rolls
a nice autumn hot meal, medium weight
In other news: No writing happened today. Need to get back into that groove, too.

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Ann said...

Glad that was all the damage you had there.
Your menu sounds good. I'm curious about what bacospuds and veggie plops are.

Gmail sign up said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Secondary Roads said...

You are indeed very fortunate.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- will be telling more about the food soon

Chuck- I know it!

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