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Friday, February 8, 2019

Lehigh Valley North Country Trail

Here's a little walk on a portion of old railroad bed from the Lehigh Valley RR in New York.

North Country Trail on Lehigh Valley Rail bed

Of course this is a time of year when things aren't too pretty to look at. But Canastota Creek had a lot of water which made it look nicer than usual (according to Mary).

Canastota Creek

Lots of little side streams coming in and creating waterfalls.

Canastota Creek

Typical New York Shale rocks.

layered shale rocks

We walked through till the trail turns off the railbed to a stairway that leads up to the next road.

North Country Trail stairway to Mt. Pleasant Road

These are the friends I've been staying with, Bill and Mary. Bill turns 90 this summer! Pretty amazing.


These 3 miles counted as NCT miles, so I am now up to 14 miles on the NCT Hike 100 Challenge for 2019.

In other news: wrote 600 words on Chapter 12, and drove to the next location. Tomorrow is Wilton Mall at Saratoga Springs.

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Ann said...

I would follow that trail. I like the looks of the first picture even in it's winter wear.

The Furry Gnome said...

Looks very pretty to me!

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