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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meet Dandelion


Remember a few days ago I saw a little opossum outside near the pines? Well she spent a couple of hours today much closer than that. I first noticed her waddling across the front porch. By the time I got the camera she was nosing around between the snowblower and the pantry door. You have to wonder what she was thinking! Of course I choose to think that she wanted to come in and spend the afternoon playing.
Next she huddled down behind the snowblower. Best guess... it was a little bit warmer there by the door. I took a piece of carrot out and offered it to her. She took it, but she didn't eat it. I thought 'possums ate almost anything! With the deep snow, I am surprised that she wasn't hungry. I just looked up some information, and perhaps I should offer her some fruit or a little dog food (not ok for long-term feeding, but a snack should be ok).
I wanted to move that weed for a better shot, but didn't want to spook her.

Isn't that little foot just too cute?
So of course, she now has a name. It's Dandelion. I wonder if she will hang around and/or survive until the dandelions bloom.

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Ratty said...

This is a great post and wonderful pictures. An up-close wild animal sighting is always special.

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