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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Note on Entrecard Ads

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I have decided that I will no longer accept paid ads on Entercard. I am unwilling to give Entrecard my Social Security number via a simple form. They insist that they need it to be given the opportunity to cash out what would certainly be less than $100 a year. I earn almost all of my income on line, and no other site has required my tax information until I break the $600/year limit. At that point they properly have asked for an IRS W-9 form. I have no objection to paid ads in theory, but I'm not going to help them earn money that I won't be earning any of.

See Concerning the Tax Number and Entrecard


Anna said...

Yes I object to this too. I don't like giving that kind of information online also. Thanks for sharing, I didn't know that you can actually earn money on the Entrecard, I thought it was only Entrecard points. Anna :)

Ratty said...

The whole situation since Entrecard went to the paid ad deal has been screwy. It has seemed very disorganized to me. I've been keeping myself in kind of a holding pattern until everything stabilizes. I have seen absolutely no benefit for me in the paid ads yet.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Anna- the pay idea is quite new and no one is quite sure how well it will work, but I'm NOT giving them my SS# over an insecure form.

Ratty- I've also been "on hold" with it. But I'm pretty tired of all the nastiness in the forum. I actually did get accepted to the new forum, but then they changed the format of it so you can't find anything any more. I'm not as miffed as many, but I don't think it's been handled as well as it might have been. My final sticking point was the SS#.

Glynis said...

I am afraid I have walked away from EC. I didn't like the way it went with the paid ads.

Ram Bansal, The Theosoph said...

EC behave like a bull with innocent bloggers and exploit them a lot.

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