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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun and Frustration


crocheted bags

It was an interesting day. I still have non-hiking things to do, and I tried to finish them up today. But it was "one of those days." I can't afford any more of those, and still be ready to leave Tuesday morning.

Anyway, I finished these two little bags last night, so that's positive. They will be gifts for the girls you met from Philadelphia. They were fun. I just took a lot of bright colors that I knew they would like and started crocheting. Their grandmother is my primary hiking buddy (she'll be here Sunday!)

As for the rest of the day... It poured- I mean POURED- all day, so no hiking. I suspect that we are going to get wet on the hike plenty of times, but I don't feel the need to get so soggy when I am home.

This morning, I had just finished one thing I needed to do when I got an email from someone who was coming to pick some other things up from me for the trail club. And I didn't have that done, so I had to scramble. Then I got an email that BIL was in the hospital so I tried to track that down because hubby was not home. While the guy was here picking up that stuff the phone rang, and it was the BIL, so I needed to talk to him for a while (he will be fine). I had just started packaging some food when another friend called who needed an ear for awhile. Finally at 5 pm I managed to spend an hour working on hike food.

Tomorrow... I have about an hour of work to do for pay. Then, no matter what, I have to switch to full-time hike prep.

Hike Planning Report
Filled the dehydrator and packaged a little more food

See Irene's Afgan is Done for another crochet project
See Look Where I Am for a visit with the girls the bags are for
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betchai said...

wow, you're so talented, the bags are really beautiful, i love both of them. crocheting is something that i tried hard before but sadly my mind can not teach my hand :( i watched in frustration as how my mother would just make crochet look so easy yet i could not do it despite many hours (or days or months) of trying and crying, hehehe

Ratty said...

The little girls should like those a lot. Bags like that are what my niece has been working on, although her are beginner versions. Last time I saw her she was trying to figure out how to patch holes.

Secondary Roads said...

Thank goodness for some sunshine after all that (glub glub) rain.
An award awaits you on Secondary Roads.
-- Chuck

Mountain Woman said...

Oh, what lovely bags. You are so very talented. We have had rain here but not so much during the day. Everything looks green and lovely now.

Glynis said...

I love the vibrant colours of your bags! We had the wettest winter here in Cyprus, we were in drought conditions, we now will hope for one or two wet days between now and Christmas.

WiseAcre said...

The girls should like those bags. I never learned to crochet but I am real good at being crotchety. I have a reputation as a grump-pa to maintain.

Sandy said...

Adorable little purses, the girls will love them. Such bright cherry colors...always a hiht with the young set.

Have a good trip, be safe

JOE TODD said...

Been raining in Ohio also but was able to get a lot of work done in the garden.. Time for me to do another post about gardening
Thanks Joe Todd

Sharkbytes said...

Betchai- O dear... Maybe you need someone more patient to work with you. I find yarn crafts to be very relaxing.

Hi Ratty- I'm always really happy to hear about youngsters learning traditional crafts. I'm sure she will be very proud of her effort when completed! Crocheting is "holey" by nature. I put a liner in the bags.

Hi Chuck- Thank you! I put a longer response on your blog... but since I just received that same award, I'm just going to add your name to the links.

Mountain Woman- It was very dry for almost 3 weeks here, but now we have LOTS of rain. I need a dry one tomorrow for laundry and to spray my tent!

Glynis- I really can't even imagine your weather. We hear about a "Mediterranean climate" so much, but I don't really understand what that means over the course of the whole year.

You WiseAcre, you. You can crotchet for a while while I crochet and then we can switch. You just need some yarn and a hook.

Hi Sandy- Thank you very much! With your many travels I'm sure you've had a glitch or two in the plans.

Joe- You'll have to garden for me too, since I'll be gone!

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