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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Round-leaved Pyrola

This Pyrola is much taller than the others. Sometimes it can get 18 inches tall, and this plant was about that height. That means to show you the whole plant in one picture, you can't see many details.

round-leaved pyrola

It takes its name from the shape of the leaves, Pyrola rotundifolia, which translates right out to round-leaved pyrola. Pyrola may come from the Latin pyrus, pear, and refer to the shape of the leaves. Personally, I don't think the leaves are particularly pear-shaped, but hey... they didn't ask me!

round-leaved pyrola

Anyway, the leaves of this species are rounder than other pyrolas, more leathery, shinier, and have stalks which can be longer than the leaf blade. You can see all these characteristics.

Finally, one clump we found was quite spectacular. I think the pink coloration is somewhat unusual, although I'm not entirely positive about that. The flower shape is identical to the shinleaf.

round-leaved pyrola

So, tomorrow, I'm going out on a limb to identify the one I showed you a couple of days ago.

See Shinleaf
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Secondary Roads said...

A beautiful plant. When I see your pictures, I just want to go out hiking and find them for myself.

Ann said...

I like this one and the pink on the edges of those flowers is really pretty

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