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Friday, September 27, 2013

Not My Favorite Colors, But...

I guess this is the week of pretty things in not my favorite colors. I was all set to bring you another silo lesson, but hey... then I was at a house with this beautiful hydrangea, with the leaves beginning to turn color. The silo can wait.

Pink is at the very, very bottom of my color list. For me to admit that I think something pink is pretty means it was REALLY pretty, and pink just happened to be involved.

So, here's a late-season hydrangea to brighten your day.

photo label

Tomorrow night I'll be in another state. Maybe I'll be able to blog- hope so! You can guess which one until then.

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Ratty said...

I like the way the leaves match the flowers.

Secondary Roads said...

Very interesting . . .

Lin said...

I'm with Ratty--those leaves are every bit as lovely as the blossom.

Ann said...

I don't recall the leaves on my hydrangea ever turning color like that. Those are pretty

rainfield61 said...

I shall know where you will be later.

See you.

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