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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Miles of Trails

I'm taking you back to the Ocqueoc area today. There are 6 miles of trails there, maintained by the Michigan DNR. Ester has a bum knee and can't really hike, but she let me take Whitey and do a 3-mile loop while she read a book.

dog on trail

For part of the loop, we were right along the Ocqueoc River, below the falls. It was a placid stream in this stretch.

Ocqueoc River

It was interesting to me how much it was like the forests near here. We did pass a number of areas where the vegetation was quite different on our trip, but not on this trail. For sure along the coast where there is that limestone base.

Ocqueoc Trail

I didn't get to sample the trails along Lake Huron, but we learned there are over 4 miles at Hoeft State Park, and another 6 at the Herman Vogler Conservation Area along the Trout River. There is a possibility for a couple of days of hiking right in this area.

Ocqueoc Trail

And, all beautiful at this time of year.

See Ocqueoc Falls
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Ann said...

Looks like you and Whitey had a nice hike. That third picture down is beautiful.

The Furry Gnome said...

Gorgeous first two pictures of the tree. I dug out Google maps after reading about your quarry, and found two huge quarries up there, both served directly by ship, with large loading piers out into the lake - minimizes truck traffic at least.

RNSANE said...

What a great time of year to be traveling that area. So pretty with the foliage changes.

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