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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spare Parts

Just a little fun for the packrat technophiles tonight. Would you like some spare parts?

spare parts

Those don't suit? How about these?

spare parts

If you can't use those, maybe some neatly arranged vertical parts will do.

spare parts

If you don't like those, there are always horizontal parts.

spare parts

And if I haven't pleased you yet, we can always provide totally miscellaneous parts.

spare parts

See anything of interest?

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Ann said...

well nothing caught my eye but I'm sure there's someone who would be able to find some good stuff in there :)

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Joan I thought you had been in our old hen coop when I saw the photos, Arnold's what we call a scully, he saves everything and I try to put most of it out for recycling, only yesterday I went through one box and found 23 electric plugs he had cut off old electric items - I thought they had been breeding - I saved three just in case.

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks anyway. No need for spare parts here. I have a few large boxes full of goodies, which are mostly electronic rather than mechanical.

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