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Monday, November 10, 2014

Thin and Watery

Expected to feel much better today, but it was not to be. So I chilled some more. Felt a lot like this sky-- thin and watery.

sun through thin clouds

But too much inactivity leaves me stiff, so I took a short walk this afternoon. Just an hour after the first picture, I took this one.

red sunset

"Red sky at night, sailor's delight." The temperature is supposed to start falling, but maybe the red sky means I'll actually feel better tomorrow.

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Ratty said...

Beautiful pictures. I hope you feel better. It's always good to get out even for a little bit.

Ann said...

pretty views. I'm sorry you still aren't feeling well but I have to say I think I would rather feel thin and watery than thick and chunky :)

vanilla said...

Wonderful photos. Hurry up and get well!

Secondary Roads said...

Hooray for feeling good. Nice pix.

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