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Friday, August 7, 2015

Riverwalk Walk

Went out and back on the Manistee Riverwalk today, a wonderful place for a summer stroll. Total distance about 3.5 miles. Thought I'd try to catch some pictures that are a little different.

Here's the Maple Street Bridge from one of the small gardens at a low angle.

Manistee Riverwalk

Followed by one of the small gardens from a high angle.

Manistee Riverwalk

Here's a long switchback ramp where the trail changes levels.

Manistee Riverwalk

And what's more quintessential than the solitary gull atop a piling?


This one made me laugh. A mallard duck (female) is so accustomed to people passing that she takes her nap right beside the boardwalk, and didn't even wake up when I snapped her photo.

sleeping duck

It's raining now, a nice soft steady rain, which we need. But I got home in time to stay dry.

Off to work in a couple of hours.

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Ann said...

That looks like a really nice place for a walk.

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