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Monday, April 23, 2018

I Found Spring

I found spring, and Ester.

Her lawn is ablaze in color! Siberian Squill

siberian squill

A purple corydalis

purple corydalis

Another wild squill- pretty sure this is what that sad little white thing in my rock garden is supposed to look like.

wild squill

And daffodils, of course.


Inside, it was salad season. Check out the nifty old bowls. We fancied it up with walnuts, dried cherries and bleu cheese. Perfect! I made it here not too much later than I had hoped, but now I'm beat. That's OK. It's all good and I'm on my way.


See Yellow Corydalis
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Ann said...

No wonder we're so short on spring here, Ester has it all at her place :).

Secondary Roads said...

I love those squills. Those salads look very good too.

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