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Friday, April 6, 2018

Fairy House- Must Be the "Thing"

I'm beginning to sense that fairy houses are the new iteration of miniature fads. This is the third one I've encountered in two months. This one is on display at the local bookstore, BookMark.

fairy house made of birch bark and moss

This one is handmade of birch bark and moss. I know you can't tell much from the overview picture, but I wanted to give a sense of the size. Here's the rooftop garden. Sorry about the busy background, but that's just the way it is.

fairy house made of birch bark and moss

The middle floor

fairy house made of birch bark and moss

And lower

fairy house made of birch bark and moss

Lots of good detail work there. Of course, my passion in miniature displays is model trains, but I can appreciate the techniques and attention to detail.

This was lots more fun to share than the joke the weather is playing. Snow. Snow, blizzard, snow. Sun. Whatever.

April snowstorm

And, the bookstore took six sets of the children's books.

Work again tonight, but only three more Friday nights!

See Stumped- Think Fairy House
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Ann said...

Fairy gardens and houses have been very popular. I discovered you could spend a small fortune on it if you wanted to. The prices on a lot of the stuff they sell to add to the fairy gardens are very expensive.

Secondary Roads said...

It snowed here yesterday. No way to tell that today. Perhaps spring really is here.

Lin said...

Michael's and Hobby Lobby both sell collections of miniatures to do these fairy gardens now. I guess that makes them popular.

Snow and cold here too, although Joe just reported that it is going to warm up this week. I hope so, I need to WALK!

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