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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

One Half Cake, One Whole Birthday

Omer turned 80 today. Yeah, it's pretty difficult to imagine. He asked for one thing. This used to be the every-birthday tradition, but I'll bet we haven't had this since 1989. He wanted German chocolate cake. This cake used more sugar than I've used in total in the past six months. Wowser! I frosted half and froze the other half. It HAS to be three layers, so here you go, half a cake.

german chocolate cake

Did it turn out? Yup. This will last us several days. We've cut down on the sugar so much that I almost didn't like it. Almost.

eating german chocolate cake

The best part of the whole day was that the Impossibles (remember them- see link below for a reminder) had set it up with me to surprise Om with a Zoom party. Attendance was 100%. Om and me.

people on Zoom Chat


people on Zoom Chat


people on Zoom Chat


people on Zoom Chat


people on Zoom Chat

I did a really good job of getting screen captures when people were looking down. I'm sure they just look like a bunch of older people to you, but I still see us all like this.

group of young people in 1969

These four people have come to mean a lot to me over the years.

In other news: Well, this took nearly all day, but I did finish the data book for the hike, and got the lawnmower going, and got my Christmas gift air compressor fired up and the tires on the lawnmower filled. Tomorrow I should be able to mow!

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Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Omer. Nice that you could get together with old friends through the computer. That cake looks really good.

Secondary Roads said...

I used to love German chocolate cake. I'm now gluten free, so I'd give it a pass today. It sure looks good. All the best to Om.

Lin said...

Happy Birthday to Om! That is so fun that you could zoom with your friends. Zoom has saved is so nice to see and communicate with those you love.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Happy belated birthday to Omer! Many happy returns!"

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