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Friday, May 29, 2020

The Sedum on the End of a Stick

Cleaned out the gutters today. The front one was completely full. I guess that nice black loose mixture of dirt and roofing crumbles made a great sapling nursery. There were 4 baby trees growing in it.

baby tree in a gutter

Now the gutters are cleared. And I accidentally learned that this is a really easy job give two conditions. It rained yesterday evening, so there was a layer of water at the bottom of the trough. That acted as a lubricant so the contents slid very easily. The end cap popped off when I put pressure against it. What a serendipitous moment! I just put the wheelbarrow under the end and chunk by chunk slid the whole mess out of the end of the gutter! Replaced the end. Done. Trimmed the tree a little more.

cleared gutter

But then I had four baby trees, right? So I planted them. I think 3 of them have half a chance of making it. The fourth is a quaking aspen, and they don't usually transplant well. But I had to try.

baby white birch tree planted

The temperature was right on the money for me! I was so energized. Mid-sixties. Light breeze. I just couldn't not try once more to reclaim my front flower bed. I got two patches done. Here's the one with my lovely yellow lily that appeared. But it won't bloom this year. Something already ate the top out of it.

weeded flower bed

Here's the other part I got cleaned up. Something already ate the biggest hosta. This is why I keep giving up flowers.

weeded flower bed

And the sedum on a stick? Home Depot has a potted sedum that I want quite badly. But I shouldn't spend money on plants. So, I'm telling myself that if I get this front bed completely cleaned up, I can buy that plant. We'll see if that is enough motivation. It might be.

I have a small, fairly local vendor event tomorrow. Let's hope that lots of people are so tired of not having anywhere to go that they will show up. And spend money.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

I wish I could motivate myself to get as much done as you do. I don't do flower beds any more because I hate weeding and they end up looking horrible.
I'm surprised there is an event that hasn't been cancelled. I bet there will be a lot of people who are tired of being stuck at home with nothing to do. Hope you sell lots of books.

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