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Friday, July 27, 2012

Apropos Quiddler

Every once in a while one of those amazing coincidences happen that just make you smile.

Today, Marie went to clean with me. The boss said he could use another hand, so that way we got to be more or less together, even though we we working hard.

But we had time for a quick game of our favorite, Quiddler, beforehand. It's a word game, and I blogged about it a long time ago. (link at end)


But, this morning, it began to pour (and rained off and on all day).

The joke, however, is the five-card hand Marie was dealt. And not only dealt this possible message, but in the exact order she is displaying.


Some planets somewhere must have been aligned! Can you tell it's raining through the window?

See Quiddler
See FLT Hiking
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rainfield61 said...


Such a coincidence.

And it may be then we visit each other's blog at the same time.

Secondary Roads said...

Strange indeed, but interesting.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- Of course! You actually were trying to contact us telepathically!

Chuck- Sometimes strange is normal.

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