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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spikey Things

Just an interesting set of things with the same texture from my walk with Maggie today. The field was wet (hooray- it rained most of the morning!), so we walked down through the cemetery.

We have brown and blue.

shredded wood

globe thistle

I'm sure you can guess the first one. It's a tree stump.

tree stump

The second is one of the few garden flowers that's looking decent in my yard this year. It's called a Globe Thistle. I love the balls. They only look sharp- when you touch them, they are soft.

globe thistle

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vanilla said...

Touchdown! Spike one for the photographer.

Ann said...

I like spikey especially the flower

Secondary Roads said...

Do I get extra points for correctly identifying both? I sure hope so . . .

betchai said...

beautiful images, the tree stump looks spectacular in your capture!

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