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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Stumped? Think Fairy House

I came home from work today thinking I was going to un-trash my house a little bit. Instead, I spent a long time writing an obituary for a good trail friend. He had moved on to other things in recent years, but over the 15 or so years of his involvement with the North Country Trail he made a significant impact on its growth. The house will wait... it always does.

My great find on the walk from the other day was a wonderful solution for what to do with the big ugly stump right in your front yard!

fairy house made from a tree stump

It's cute and creative, and a lot less trouble than having the stump ground down or pulled out.

fairy house made from a tree stump

Don't you just want to go inside?

fairy house made from a tree stump

Told you the other news first... except for one more thing I'm posting on the author blog.

See Fairy Garden
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Ann said...

so sorry to hear about your friend.
That stump is awesome. I've thought about starting a fairy garden in my yard somewhere but looking at all the things they have in the stores I see that a person could spend a fortune on it and I really don't need that temptation :)

Secondary Roads said...

That stump house is both clever and creative.

Ratty said...

Seemingly little things like this fairy house are the things that can keep a person going from day to day. Exactly the type of thing I look for when I'm out.

vanilla said...

Creative but not my style.

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