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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hangin' On By the Pinkies

I am surprisingly unwilling to embrace winter yet. I keep grasping at the last little bits of color I can find.

Not sure what shrub this is, but I see quite a few of them. They all have this graded pink to yellow color in the fall.

pink shrub

A few chrysanthemums trying to hold on to their blossoms.

late chrysanthemum

And a nice example of Bloody Geranium (not mine), but I do love the fall color.

Bloody Geranium

Supposed to be clear tomorrow- hoping to do a few more outside chores, and then snow. Well, I need a picture with snow for the cover of Dead Mule Swamp Mistletoe, and a very specific picture. Maybe I'll be able to get some to choose from this weekend.

In other news: wrote a chapter in Mistletoe and did errands.

See Pink Flowers
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Ann said...

I'm never willing to embrace winter. I love the fall colors. I wish they would stick around longer than they do.

Lin said...

We have snow in the forecast tonight. Ugh. BUT...I always love the first snowfall. It rarely sticks and all those lovely little flakes coming pretty!

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