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Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Pedigree

It was an especially nasty day outside with a cold wind and rain. And then, of course, our first day of early darkness.

So, I'm just going to list my most famous pedigree. It begins with William and Susanna White, passengers on the Mayflower. William was listed as one of the London merchants aboard, rather than one of the religious refugees from Holland. They traveled with a young son whose name was Resolved.

The real celebrity status begins with the birth of their second son, Peregrine, who was the first European child born in the new world to survive (Virginia Dare of the lost Virginia colony was the first). Peregrine was born on November 20, 1620, aboard the Mayflower, while it was harbored at Cape Cod.

The internet can yield up wonderful resources. This is supposed to be a likeness of Peregrine White. Amazing! (Although I suspect it's not the correct person- looks like a Civil War era photo to me. Any pic of the 1600 Peregrine would need to be a painting.)

Peregrine White
I managed to add some dates to the line. My mom and I researched this when I was in junior high. We had the direct line (presented here) plus some side branches, but not a lot of dates.

Here we go:

Peregrine White 1620-1704    --    Sarah Bassett 1630-1711

Daniel White 1649-1724    --    Hannah Hunt ?-1721

Cornelius White Sr. 1682-1755    --    Sarah (Hannah?) Randall 1677-1768

Cornelius White Jr. 1708- 1796    --    Sarah Hewitt (Ford?) 1721-1777

Jesse Hodges (through whom I can be a DAR member)    --    Olive White 1754-?

Thomas Fisher ?-1864    --    ?-1878 Olive White Hodges

Hervey Smith Hall 1810-1896    --    Lucinda Cornelia Fisher 1815-1896

Charles Alfred Fisher (distant cousin) 1851-1944    --    Catherine Louisa Hall 1858-1923

Howard Meade Rowe 1881-1941    --    Emily Marguerite Fisher 1882-1972

Ray Ford Leary 1904-1976    --    Catherine Burnham Rowe 1909-1995

Joan Hall Leary 1948- (I am the end of this genetic line)

It feels like not such a long stretch to reach back to these people. I have several things which belonged to Lucinda, and Thomas Fisher was an early merchant in Spencer, NY where the next four generations are buried.

In other news: I wrote a chapter in DMS Mistletoe

See Startling Family Resemblance
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Ann said...

I did a family tree a long time ago but I only went back 3 generations before I gave up. Of course when I did this I didn't have the internet available to me and I was only getting information from family members

Grace said...

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade here but I doubt that is an image of the Peregrine White born in 1620. 1) It looks like a photograph and photography wasn't in use until the late 1830's. 2) The clothing is not 17th century neither is the hairstyle or facial hair style. I would put that image solidly in the mid to late 19th century. Which is not to say that isn't someone named Peregrine White, just not the one that was born in 1620.

Secondary Roads said...

Great that you can trace your heritage to 1620. My ancestors didn't arrive here until 1634. They settled in Salem Village (now Danvers), Mass. DNA testing told the story for me.

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