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Monday, September 2, 2019

My Blue Heaven

Remember how I said I wouldn't spend all afternoon every day on the trailer? Well, I've managed to do just that yesterday until I had to get ready for the concert and today until dark. Thus... there isn't anything else to bring you.

No peeking inside! I'll show you the temporarily "finished" interior on Thursday night.

This is my little (blue) slice of heaven. I'm tickled that it's going to be so much nicer inside than when we used it in the spring.

tiny trailer against night sky

However, the house is now a complete trash pile. All the storage containers I have bought for the trailer, I'd been using inside to store tools and hardware and all the things I need to work on the trailer. Now it's basically dumped all over and I'm hunting for decent boxes to put all that in before I leave.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

That sounds like what my house would look like when I was packing up for a craft show. I used crates in my craft room as well as for my craft display so I always had to empty them and put the contents somewhere else.

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